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Insults and Refutations

The student government of Western Kentucky University recently passed a resolution calling for free tuition for students of African descent.  The real President of the University responded here, but I thought I’d put my own spin on it.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (KDDY)— Western Kentucky University Chancellor Daddy J. Bear has responded to a recent student government association resolution to support reparations for black students.

The resolution’s purpose was to establish full and free access to WKU for black students, and well as free tuition, and to acknowledge slavery is a “debt that will never be paid.”

Mister Bear  said in a statement released Thursday:

“Are you out of your ever-loving minds?  How in the bloody blue pluperfect <CENSORED> did you all get into this university? Get the head of Admissions in here, now!”

“Apparently the members of the Student Government aren’t being given enough homework, because they had the time to pass this drivel.  In order to head off the inevitable passing of similar wrongheaded ‘legislation,’ allow me to clarify that their resolution is is a waste of paper and electrons, which is probably a good way to describe their academic performance. I have read the SGA resolution, and I am ashamed that they have learned so little at the University that they would think that we would adopt any such policy.”

“I’ve spent much of the last year engaging in dialogue with black student leaders on campus, which has led to a greater understanding and appreciation of their experiences and priorities on my part, as I hope that they have learned that my priority is their education, not their feelings. I want to reiterate that our goal at the University is to prepare our students for entry into the job market as useful, thoughtful, and properly trained professionals, not as poorly-groomed dolts who think that a meaningless resolution passed after many speeches cribbed from the 23rd All-Soviet Veterinary Conference of 1952 will do a lick of good for race relations.”

“As we continue to try to educate those who think that such half-baked ideas are worth their time, we will focus on those things that help all students succeed:  scholarship, personal discipline, and challenging curriculum. We will direct resources, energy and effort toward those methods that are responsible, practical and proven to achieve student success, and continue to point and laugh at the Twitter activists, perpetually offended, and those who think that silly hats can change the world.”

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and rush committee chairwoman for Up With People, broke from her routine of siphoning off the life force of young children and maidens today so that she could respond to allegations that she used a private email server to conduct official business while serving as President Obama’s Dog Robber Secretary of State.

In news that should be applauded by all of us worthless plebs, she admits to doing this, but pinky swears that classified information was never discussed via email, and that the almost 50% of the messages handled by her home-brew server, which she had destroyed, were not work related.  She knows this, because her sysad signed an affidavit attesting to that fact,  under torture, just before she had him decapitated, set on fire, and buried face down in Budapest.

Now, I’m going to make a few points here, but far be it from me to ever question my betters.  Anyway, here goes:

  • When you are a cabinet level secretary, everything you do that isn’t broadcast on TV, radio, internet, or passenger pigeon is at least sensitive, if not classified.
  • Using a non-governmental conduit to do government business is wrong, even if you followed the letter of the law.  At least try to look ashamed, or even sheepish.
  • When a determination of whether or not classified data has gotten loose in places it’s not supposed to be, it is not the prerogative of the person who may have put it there to declare that it didn’t.  That’s why we pay lawyers, police, and interrogators.
  • If I, as an intelligence specialist, had ever decided to declare my living room a SCIF for the sake of ‘convenience’, then taken possibly sensitive data out of controlled areas and worked on it at home, they wouldn’t even know where to dig to find my prison cell yet.  Hillarificent does not get to decide what is and what is not classified, especially after she gets caught, nor does she get to decide that it’s inconvenient to do things the right way.
  • Whoever at State who set this kind of thing up for her ought to be drug out in the street and bull-whipped within an inch of their lives.  To quote Treebeard – A wizard should know better.

Thing is, she isn’t the first to do this, and she won’t be the last.   I just wish somebody would get frog marched into a federal courthouse over stuff like this, pour encourageur les autres.

Snow Drivers

By now, you would think that most everyone would have either learned how to drive in winter weather, or would have been removed from the driving pool through attrition.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have happened quite as often as I would have wanted.  Here are a few of the people I have run into so far today while making my way to and from work:

  • The “Eastbound and Down” – An over the road semi-driver who has been there, done that, and doesn’t seem to have learned anything from the experience.  He’s got a half gallon of hot coffee, a truck full of sundry goods to move, and not enough time to get to his destination.  He’s going to try to push through the worst conditions, because there are people who need that load of toilet paper and kitty litter in Des Moines.  I’ll give this one a break on occasion, because sometimes he does it out of fear for his job when his manager or dispatcher tells him to push through, no matter what.
  • The “35 and Alive” – This is the driver that I appreciate when the weather sucks, but want to napalm when the roads are clean and dry.  They’ll make it to their destination safely, and you’ll make it home eventually, no matter how good or bad the road conditions.  Usually can be identified by the AARP or “My honor student goes to the Mengele Institute” bumper stickers.
  • The “Four Low and Foxy” – This bluntskull thinks that because there is a knobby set of tires on her rims and a 4WD button on the shift stick, she can power through anything, including an inch of ice on the road.  In her defense, without her ministrations, I would never be able to say that I’ve seen a Hummer H2 do a pirouette on I-65.
  • The “Tunnel Vision” – This oxygen thief clears a small hole in the snow and frost on the windshield, and possibly on the driver’s window, but leaves 18 inches of snow, ice, and schmutz on the other windows, along with the roof and back deck of the car.  They have a field of vision that’s about as wide as their shoulders, so be aware that they may not see or hear you as you signal their error in trying to merge with your engine compartment on the freeway.  They provide a service to the community, though, because where else can you test out your wiper blades and anti-lock brakes at the same time?
  • The “Live to Ride” – This cretin does not care how cold it is, nor how bad the roads, he’s riding that hog every day of the year.  You go from wondering at what he’s thinking, to saluting his skill at negotiating winter roads on two wheels, to praying for his soul the first time you see him hit a patch of black ice.  He gets extra points if it’s not a Harley he’s riding, but rather he’s braving the Arctic blast on a Schwinn.

Holidays – A Modest Proposal

New York Mayor Bill de Blazio has announced that in 2015, public school students in New York will be given a day off for two Muslim holy days, Eid al-Adha and al-Fitr.  One occurs during the school year, and one impacts those who go to summer school.  This is in addition to the myriad other days off the typical school child will get, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, Martin Luther King Birthday, and Memorial Day.  Already, another ethnic and religious group, South Asians, is asking that their holiday of Diwali be included, as well as those of Chinese extraction, who are pushing to get the Lunar New Year off.

Since we’re adding for religious holidays here, here are a few I want added or re-added:

Mardi Gras
Ash Wednesday
Good Friday
St. Patrick’s Day (It’s supposed to be a religious holiday, not another excuse to act like a beer fueled asshat)
Rosh Hashannah
Yom Kippur
Equinox (Vernal and Autumnal)
Samhain /  Halloween
All Saint’s Day (That’ll cover the myriad saints’ feast days that occur throughout the year)
Corpus Christi
Solstice (Winter and Summer)

That’s 14 instructional days that ought to be scratched so that students can That covers the big ones, as far as I know, for Christians, Jews, and Wiccans.  Of course, we also need to consult the Buddhists, Bahai, and Sikhs.  Cthulhu knows how many we’ll add once we start looking at Orthodox Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Native American religions.

Since we’ll probably be taking out a month of the school year for religious holidays, we’re going to have to get the Department of Education to mandate that summer vacation be eliminated to make up for it.  That will give us a few extra days to work with, so I’ll throw in some patriotic days off to go with it:

Washington and Lincoln Birthdays
Flag Day
Anniversary of the writing of The Star Spangled Banner
Constitution Day
Gettysburg Days (Let’s stretch Independence Day out a bit)
Pearl Harbor Day
September 11
Armed Forces Day
Service Birthdays (Marine, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard)

Kentucky Oaks (Louisville and other parts of Kentucky only.  Other parts of the country can insert their own “They’re not going to show up anyway, so we’ll just declare a school holiday” day off)
There, now isn’t that a nice, inclusive list of days the little kiddies can miss school on?  Makes my heart proud to say that we can interrupt education so often and still make sure that little Billy can read at grade level and little Susie can do her maths.

Or, and tell me if this sounds too crazy to be feasible, we could let parents send in a note with little Akhmed and Fatima saying that they’re practicing Muslims and will be taking the Eid off.  That way, families can celebrate their cultural and religious holidays without giving everyone else a day off to sit in their parent’s apartment and watch Sponge Bob.  Now, as crazy as that sounds, it would let people do their thing and let the rest of us educate our children.

Nah, never work. That would assume that parents know what days are important to their family, and the state wouldn’t be mandating observance of someone else’s religious holidays.  Can’t have that, can we?


Recently, the public school system of Los Angeles defeated a lawsuit against it, in which a girl claimed that the schools did not do their duty to protect her from a sexual predator.  The scumbag in question was her teacher at the time, and she admits that during their five month ‘relationship’, she lied to her mother and snuck to hotels and other locations to meet with him.  The lawyer for the school district argued that, even though a 14-year-old child cannot give consent in criminal cases, her actions demonstrate that she knew what she was doing and that her participation was voluntary.  Apparently his reasoning is backed up by a decision in a federal court, and the jury bought it.  In addition, the judge allowed evidence of the girl’s sexual history to be introduced, which takes the creepiness and disgust up to 11 for me.

Basically, the lawyer argued that because she tried to hide her molestation and might have some sexual experience before her teacher decided to trawl the middle school for a victim, then she is at least partially responsible for what happened to her. Leo Terrell, a lawyer in the Los Angeles area, appeared on the Bryan Suits show on Friday, and argued that, as distasteful as it is, the attorney for the school district was not only right to do these things, but had a duty to do so in order to defend his client.  Mr. Terrell is correct, but I think that this assertion needs to be tempered with an admonition to the school district for allowing its lawyer to go down that dark legal alley.

Somewhere along the way, someone should have stood up and demanded that in the name of decency, these tactics should not have been used.

The school district has since severed itself from Mr. Wyatt, but the time for that was when he brought up this strategy and insisted on it, not after he follows it through in court. What should have happened was for the school district’s leadership and general counsel to tell Mr. Wyatt to not accuse the young girl of facilitating her own molestation, and that smearing her by implying that if she had a sexual history, then she should have known that sleeping with a teacher, is wrong.  The right thing to do was to find a way to defend the school district without blaming a child for being injured by one of its employees.  There has to be a better way.

I don’t necessarily agree that the school district was culpable in this case, but the leaders of Los Angeles schools should be ashamed of themselves.  The court cases that assert that a minor can give voluntary consent to sex with an adult need to be overturned and forgotten.  Their use can only widen a hole through which child molesters will escape.

Pro Tip on Parenting

Ladies, if you have a court order that requires you to administer a breathalyzer to your ex before you leave your toddler alone with him, you’ve made some bad life choices.  If you administer said breathalyzer to your ex, and he blows a .18 (legally drunk to drive is .08 in Kentucky), and you still leave your offspring with him, you just made another bad life choice.

Guys, if your ex is required to breathalyze you before you are allowed to take custody of your child, you haven’t made bad life choices, you have a problem, you are a problem, and you need to change your life, paco tiempo.  If you blow a .18 when she brings the sprog over for a visit, then you shouldn’t let her leave you alone with the kid.  If your kid is found wandering the neighborhood at 10 PM, you pass out so soundly that the neighbors and police cannot awaken you, and you blow a .290 at the jail, then you win the DaddyBear Memorial Bad Parent Award for 2014.  Congratulations.

Kids, if your parents act like this, you have my sympathy.  Good luck, and God bless.

BS Alert

Via Tam, we learn that apparently the authorities in Massachusetts have no sense of irony or decorum.  It would appear that they are searching TJIC’s house on Independence Day after he got his FID back and is applying for a License to Carry, which for those of you in free America, means he’s gotten back his mother-may-I to own a firearm as a law-abiding citizen, and has requested that his license to carry a firearm be reinstated as well.

Tam reports that they are in contact with legal counsel.  I’ve asked if there is a legal defense fund or something we can contribute to, and I’ll post here if I learn more about that.

Remember, kids, if one of us is not free, none of us are free.  Spread the word.

Sort of Update – Weer’d provides some excellent background on how the licensing scheme in Massachusetts works.

An Open Letter

Dear Netflix –

Why did you wait until the evening I replaced the piece of garbage Cisco wireless router with an Airport Extreme to hold a “we’re not having an outage, just being slow enough to be irritating” event? I spent an hour messing around with the new router and looking at my basement ceiling thinking “Where can I safely drill a hole for a network cable?” before I thought “Hey, I should see if it’s slow and clunky on Amazon Videos too!”.  Much to my relief, Amazon’s video output was fault-free, whereas yours plays for about a minute, goes back to buffering, then goes back to playing for another minute or two.

Do you have people watching my house to see when I do things like this?   HOW DO YOU KNOW?

Hugs and Kisses

Daddy J. Bear

Rules For Thee, Not Me

A former police officer in Washington is suing the police department that fired him for driving drunk in an umarked police car.  Officer Glenfiddich was arrested for DUI after he drove his unmarked police cruiser into a ditch and refused to take a field sobriety test or a breathalyzer.  He went through a ‘diversion’ program to get his DUI conviction dismissed, and to his credit, has gone through treatment for alcoholism and has been sober for over 800 days.

However, he is now suing the police department that fired him because apparently alcoholism is considered a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act.  He goes on in his filing to complain about how he couldn’t get crime scenes out of his head and drank to forget, a practice he claims is common among other police officers. 

Now, let me say that I feel sympathy for addicts, no matter what their drug of choice.  It is a struggle to get clean and stay clean, and I salute this man for trying to clean up his life now that it’s been torn down.  But the choice to take the drink and to get behind the wheel of a car is just that, a choice.  This man, who swore to protect and defend the members of his community, chose instead to put the lives of everyone on that road in mortal danger by not being in control of his faculties when he moved a heavy metal object upon it.  The time to ask his employer for an accomodation was before the wreck, not after.  And yeah, I hold people like police and military to a higher standard of conduct than I do most other people.  They ask for a special place in our society, and I expect them to earn it through their conduct.

This comes down to shame.  If I were to be arrested for DUI in a company car, and my employer decided that I was just not worth keeping around due to the risk I posed to customers and co-workers, I wouldn’t blame the company.  I’d be ashamed of myself for what I’d done and what I could have done, and I’d understand that what happened to me and my family were the consequences of my actions.  This guy is looking to blame other people for what he did to himself.

So I hope that this case gets laughed out of court.  Hopefully the ex-officer can stay sober and find something else to do with his life, but I also hope that he can come to grips with the fact that he has no-one to blame for this but himself.


Was just looking at the stats and such for the blog, and I noticed that someone made their way here today by searching for “egyptianseptic tank design”.

I was a bit surprised, so I ran that through Google, and lo and behold, I am #8 on the list of things that can be found using that search term.

I guess I’ve finally made it.

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