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Was just looking at the stats and such for the blog, and I noticed that someone made their way here today by searching for “egyptianseptic tank design”.

I was a bit surprised, so I ran that through Google, and lo and behold, I am #8 on the list of things that can be found using that search term.

I guess I’ve finally made it.


  1. Man, the other guys get all the cool search terms.

    Or something.

    At least I get more hits than Hitler in the Downfall Gun Blogger parody…

  2. Only took me 64 2/3 years to find someone I want to ask for their autograph! But, please, not by touching three wires together.
    Seriously, found you by way of Cornered Cat & am now a stalker, er, um, ah, a follower….yeah, that’s it. Keep up the good work. I read it all & share a lot.

  3. I do “Rule 5” posts on Wednesdays with scantily clad famous women.

    You should see some of the search terms leading to my site.

    Wow…just, wow.

    Makes me want to rub hand sanitizer on my laptop screen.

  4. ROTF… I’m ‘not’ sure I’d want to be part of THAT search string… 😀

  5. That’s better than one I had. Someone found my site using the phrase “human war trophies” – Scary


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