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Station Identification

Today the most disgusting thing I ever saw happened right before my eyes…….

In accordance with government regulations, we now pause this blog for station identification.

You are reading DaddyBear’s Den, a blog dealing with politics, guns, some technology, and the general madness of living with kids, dogs, cats, wives, ex-wives, and a job.  DaddyBear’s Den is normally written from various locations in and around Louisville, Kentucky, but due to the magic of the InterWebz, it may be written anywhere in the universe that the author can find a wi-fi signal.

DaddyBear’s Den is an equal opportunity employer.  DaddyBear, if he is ever in need of an employee, will not consider the race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or country of national origin of a prospective employee.  He will also not take into consideration the height, weight, eye or hair color, bust size, shoe size, preferences in caliber or manufacturer in firearms, chili with or without beans, or whether or not the applicant prefers Star Trek The Original Series over The Next Generation.  He will, however, consider whether or not you seem qualified for whatever position you are applying for, whether or not you speak a language he can understand (Try him, he speaks a few), and whether or not he thinks you will actually show up when he tells you to, do the job you’re being paid for, and not try to rob him blind while doing so.

DaddyBear’s Den is primarily an opinion site.  Please do not consider DaddyBear’s Den as a primary source for anything he is expressing an opinion on.  Also, please read and observe the Standard Disclaimer.

DaddyBear appreciates your patronage of this site.  He recognizes that you have many options in choosing an Internet crank, and he is glad to provide you with your daily doses of spleen venting, whining, and bombast.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rant.


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  1. Now I'm curious as to what the disgusting thing was.

  2. Um… yeah, what prompted that??? Did I miss something again???

  3. Oh, nothing in particular….

  4. What, no beeeeeep in the key of C?

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