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Today’s Earworm

Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

Today’s Earworm

Thanks, Bud. God be with you.

That Woman is Trying to Kill Me

But I will die happy.

You see the ingredients for a ‘confection’ that Irish Woman is making for the fish fry tomorrow night. I’ll calling it Cinnamon Catholic Crack. She’s going to have people stroking out in diabetic shock just from contact, and I don’t think they could survive making cookie crumb angels with this.

Didn’t know you could buy this in bulk. All I need now is a mirror and a razor blade.

This may be my last transmission. I have been warned to keep my hands off, but I’m thinking it’s worth the promised untimely demise.

Today’s Earworm

Today’s Earworm

I don’t always listen to this kind of music on headphones while I work, but when I do, so does everyone else in the cube farm.

Today’s Earworm

Slava Ukraini

Results From a Side Trip

We made a short trip south of Louisville today to drop the Young Prince off at a Scout function, and we happened to make a quick stop at the Jim Beam distillery. Our logic is that they probably had better restrooms than the local stop-and-stab.

Since we used their facilities, we thought we’d give them some of our custom. One of the benefits of visiting the source is you can get some odd things that you don’t see even as close as Louisville:

Irish Woman bought herself the Knob Creek 9 year old, which is rocket fuel if that proof is correct

Looking through our liquor cabinet, though, we have a couple that are north of 130 proof, so this might be middle of the pack for this house.

In a surprise choice, she picked up this Basil Hayden. She doesn’t like Four Roses because of its smokiness, so this seemed off brand for her. Then again, if she doesn’t like it, I probably will.

As for me, I picked out a couple of things I’ve never seen before. This Hardin’s Creek sold me on the bottle, even if it is only a 2 year bourbon. We’ll see how it tastes next time it’s time to crack open a bottle.

Finally, I picked up this little bottle because it sounded interesting. The Beam folks seem to be quite proud of this little bottle, so I’ll give it a tasting at a special occasion.

Today’s Earworm

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