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An Open Letter

Dear Netflix –

Why did you wait until the evening I replaced the piece of garbage Cisco wireless router with an Airport Extreme to hold a “we’re not having an outage, just being slow enough to be irritating” event? I spent an hour messing around with the new router and looking at my basement ceiling thinking “Where can I safely drill a hole for a network cable?” before I thought “Hey, I should see if it’s slow and clunky on Amazon Videos too!”.  Much to my relief, Amazon’s video output was fault-free, whereas yours plays for about a minute, goes back to buffering, then goes back to playing for another minute or two.

Do you have people watching my house to see when I do things like this?   HOW DO YOU KNOW?

Hugs and Kisses

Daddy J. Bear

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  1. Heh… Ouch… One MORE reason I don’t subscribe to those feeds…

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