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  • Tom’s Principle of Laundry – The number of loads of laundry done in a household is a geometric progression of the number of people living in that household.
    • The number of socks that need to be mated is a further progression of that function.
    • Don’t even get me started about towels and dishrags.
  • Not sure why this is, but the smell of beef stew meat cooking with good onions in beef broth always makes me feel like I’m home.
  • Looks like we won’t get any color out of our maple trees this year.  The leaves are going from green to yellow to brown and falling off in less than 24 hours.
  • Some folks never seem to realize that you can’t threaten someone with consequences they do not care about.
    • “I won’t vote for your candidate in the next election!”  Were you going to vote for them in the first place?
    • “I won’t support your bill in Congress!” When have you ever been brave enough to break from your party?
    • “I’ll never support your cause!”  Oh, like you really cared about free speech and gun rights to begin with?
    • “I’ll walk away from these negotiations!”  OK, we can walk away too, with all of our money.
    • “If you don’t continue to pay me to breathe, I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue!”  That’s been done.  Have you considered aubergine?
  • It’s amazing how many people want me to care more about their business than they do.
  • “Make them say ‘no’ three times” only means that I have an opportunity to fall from “firm, but polite” to “terse” to “rude”.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  October 16, 2017

    Laundry. I know that if I throw my clothing down the magical hole called “The Laundry Chute,” the clothing will return to the drawers and closets clean and folded. I wonder how that works.

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  2. Ah, the automatic assumption of the Liberal Twit, that if he just repeats himself often enough you will magically come to agree with him. Rather than be rude, I have found it more effective to be shocking. For example, after the dear little tree-hugging teenybopper with the Environmentalist petition won’t take ‘No, thank you’ for an answer, I go to “You have to understand, I think a great many Environmental issues could be greatly simplified if we took out the entire board of directors of the Sierra Club and shot them.”.

    She scuttled away quite quickly.


  3. Heh, I’m with CSPS! 🙂 Grumpy old man, and all that…


  4. “It’s amazing how many people want me to care more about their business than they do.”

    That’s when you fall back on the old standard “Excuse me, but you’ve obviously mistaken me for a chaplain, or some other responsible individual who really gives a s**t!”

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