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  • Boo and I went on a hike with his Cub Scout group this morning.  It was a beautiful morning, with lots of stuff for the boys to stop and learn about.
    • We had as many hikers at the end as we did at the beginning, so I’ll call that a success.
  • People who go to the hardware store to wander the aisles are just as infuriating as people who go to the grocery store to wander.
  • There are many times in life where someone asking “Why?” is appropriate and necessary.
    • Most of the past week has not been one of those times, both for me and for other folks in my life.
    • Somedays, I just have to remember that I was not put on this earth to break things down Barney style.
    • Also, as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that I have to conserve how often I use my crayons to explain things.
  • I went out today to do four errands.  I proudly came home after completing all two of them.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  October 14, 2017

    I wander neither in the hardware store, nor the grocery store, but I will admit to a Brownian motion pattern in a store that rhymes with Arbor Eight. There just might be some tool that I didn’t know existed, but if I see it I must own it.


    • So long as you keep an eye out for someone who is there for one specific thing, it’s not rude.


      • Phssthpok

         /  October 15, 2017

        I would argue that also applies if you are not merely wandering but ‘on a mission’ yourself. Both in-store and out in the parking lot, those folks who ‘take their half out of the middle’ of the aisle infuriate me.

        Moreso when they leave their cart mid-aisle to wander off and ponder their choice of products some 20 feet away!


      • And this is where dueling comes into play.


  2. Grrr, absolutely HATE those types, in either place… And sometimes you really DON’T want to know why… Just sayin’

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  3. “I went out today to do four errands. I proudly came home after completing all two of them.“

    This is so much better than returning exhausted after completing all fifteen of them, which is all too easy to do if you don’t watch yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “I went out today to do four errands. I proudly came home after completing all two of them.”

    A man has got to know his limitations.


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