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  • OldNFO did an interview about the CalExit anthology yesterday.  Give it a listen!
  • The yearly fight against zombie leaves in the yard has begun.  So far, I’m winning.
  • You can take it as a sign of how good a neighbor I’m trying to be when I spend several hours raking, mowing, and bagging leaves today when there is supposed to be a windstorm followed by rain tonight.
  • Note to self – Paper money will hide very effectively in two inches of leaves.  That is, of course, until you run over it with the lawnmower.
  • Yesterday morning, I was up at about 7:45.  I fed the dogs and cats, made coffee, and put on some quiet music.
    • I had a choice of Vivaldi or John Philip Sousa.
    • Sousa just sounded right.
    • Irish Woman did not agree.
    • She also didn’t like the Chipmunks, which was what I put on after I shut off Sousa.
  • At 6:35 this morning, I was awoken by my darling wife because she and Boo swore they heard someone playing our piano.
    • She is now convinced we have a ghost.
    • I’m convinced this has more to do with John Philip Sousa than it has to do with spectral housemates.
  • Going to the grocery store today was an adventure in observing rude dumbasses.
    • I watched two older ladies having a bit of a tug of war over a box of “Thin Mint” breakfast cereal.
    • A young man, who must be either a raging assbite or legally blind, ran into a young mother with his cart as he was shopping for body wash.
    • I witnessed, and may God strike me down if I lie, a teenage girl spit on her mother in the dairy section.  The fact that the mother did not murder her right then and there tells me a lot about where we are as a society.
  • Reading the news this morning, I was struck by how many people are suddenly experts in light infantry tactics and the JFK assassination.
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  1. mrgarabaldi

     /  October 22, 2017

    Hey DB;

    I listened to the interview…and Old NFO was just a tad nervous…although he would have done better than I would have, I would have been a blithering idiot. If you want to solve the leaves dilemma…take out the root of the problem….literally…Next year no more leaves. I try to avoid shopping, what I see would make me wonder if this is what the Romans saw toward the end of their empire.


  2. John in Philly

     /  October 23, 2017

    Yes, but which Sousa music did you play?
    For a certain Sousa piece my mind insists on supplying the “Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends” lyrics.


  3. Heh, nervous wasn’t the half of it, trying to keep the language clean was my biggest worry! 🙂 Re shopping… I’m about to the point that I’m gonna PAY somebody to do it, that way my BP will stay under control… sigh


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