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  • Boo had his first cross country meet on Friday.  He did well, and thought it was cool that all the older kids cheered for him and his age group, so he cheered for all of them while they ran.
  • Note to self – Bring snacks to the cross country meets.  Boo gets very hungry after running, apparently, and the hot dog and hamburger vendors are hunting over bait.
  • Girlie Bear retook the ACT on Saturday.  She says she feels better about it than she did on her first attempt.  At least, she says she could remember the science section.
  • Girlie Bear got her acceptance letter from her university today.  I think it finally hit her that this is all happening.
  • Speaking of which, she is going down to the university on Saturday with her JROTC’s Raider group.  She isn’t participating, but her instructor wants to introduce her to the ROTC program there.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
  • I asked Girlie Bear to get the name of a good cleaner for her ACU’s so that she didn’t go down there looking like Joe Shit the RagMan.  Apparently, she used that phrase when talking with her JROTC instructor, and he said he’d never met someone so young that knew that phrase.  Yep, that’s me, a good influence on impressionable youth.
  • BTW, how in the name of Goo do you make tan suede jungle boots look good?
  • Your opinion of humanity takes a serious dip when you spend a few hours on a Saturday night cleaning up garbage during and after a big community event.
  • Work on Battle Buddies is going steadily.  One good thing about writing a book of short stories is that when you get stuck on one, you can either start working on another story or go back and make something you’ve already done better.
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  1. Not going to make those boots look good, so don’t bother… Just sayin…

  2. Brush them against the grain with a stiff bristle nylon brush.

  3. She might find some of the boot advice, tips and tricks in this article to be helpful:


  4. jon spencer

     /  September 15, 2015

    Suede boots, one new pair for inspections only and one pair to wear all other times.
    Almost like the black dress shoes, one leather pair with a decent shine to wear most of the time, one Corfam high gloss plastic shoes for regular inspections and one pair of leather with a hand applied mirror shine for when the inspectors want to be shown that you took the time and effort to do the work needed.

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