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  • My day mostly amounted to me calling people and saying “You remember that thing you wanted me to do two months ago?  Do you still want me to do it?”
  • On my drive home tonight, I heard and saw what I thought must be a bunch of police cars either escorting a hurt child or a fallen officer to the hospital, but instead it was a police escort for a University of Louisville sports team.
    • I do not now, nor will I ever, understand. I just have to accept that.
  • Well, the final read-through of the hard copy of Via Serica is done and the edited file has been uploaded to the printer.  Hopefully it’ll be ready for sale by tomorrow.
  • It is amazing how much more you find when you hold a dead-tree book in your hands.  I’m going to have to add the expense of getting a copy of any future books printed before releasing for sale.
  • I’m going to be doing the Mister Mom thing again next week, but I will not be able to take the week off.  We shall see how this goes.
  • There is an odd sense of satisfaction that comes from watching a literal ton of old equipment roll onto the back of the truck that is taking to that great recycler in the sky.
  • Boo is learning that if he doesn’t want to get out of bed when I flip on the light and try to gently wake him, I have no problem in releasing the hounds and letting them kiss him awake.
  • It is good to know that, should our alarm clocks ever cease to function, Derby will awaken us all at 6:15 every morning as she warns the kindergartener down the street and her father that they are forbidden to walk in her yard.  She gives these warnings at full throat, usually with her nose pressed tightly against the glass of my front windows.
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  1. For the child who doesn’t want to get out of bed; I recommend keeping a bag (very large) of marbles in the freezer.
    If said child does not want to get out of bed, well the marbles can be introduced into the bed.

  2. I could introduce your Derby to my Apollo and teach her to bark for real 😉

  3. “My day mostly amounted to me calling people and saying “You remember that thing you wanted me to do two months ago? Do you still want me to do it?””

    My answer would be “I WANT you to go drive your car to a small garage, close the door, and sit in the running car until you die. I’ll SETTLE for you doing what I asked you to do two months ago so thoroughly that I can pretend this conversation never happened.”

    • Yeah, it was circumstances beyond both parties control that caused the delay. I was checking for changed requirements.

      • Ah. Understandable, then, and I retract my snark. I have, and I suspect you do too, far too much experience with the sort of people who would not do what was asked of them for two months simply because they are easily distra- LOOK! SQUIRREL!

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