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Helping Out One of Our Own

If you’ve been around the blogs for a while, you probably know TinCan Assassin over at Nine Pound Sledge.  Over the past couple of years, he and his wife have struggled to keep their family together, and a lot of us know what that’s like.  After a lot of work on both their parts and a lot of prayers and good thoughts from friends and family, they’re going to try to put their family back together, but they could use a little help.

He’s in Missouri, and his wife and child are in Ohio.  They’ve put up a GoFundMe site to try to raise the money he needs to move to Ohio and rejoin his family.  Anything you all can spare to help a brother out will go toward bringing his family back together.

But I’m going to sweeten the deal.

Everyone who contributes to the campaign and emails me a copy of their receipt at daddybear@daddybearsden.com will go into a drawing for some “fabulous” prizes.

When the campaign hits  the goal of $2000 or on October 14, whichever comes first, I’ll draw three names.

  • First name out of the hat gets a free signed copy of Tales of the Minivandians.
  • Second name out of the hat gets a free signed copy of Via Serica
  • Third name out of the hat gets signed copies of both books.

If you’ve got a little to spare, please consider helping these folks out.  Whether or not you can donate, they’d probably appreciate a few more prayers and kind thoughts.

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