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Helping Out One of Our Own

If you’ve been around the blogs for a while, you probably know TinCan Assassin over at Nine Pound Sledge.  Over the past couple of years, he and his wife have struggled to keep their family together, and a lot of us know what that’s like.  After a lot of work on both their parts and a lot of prayers and good thoughts from friends and family, they’re going to try to put their family back together, but they could use a little help.

He’s in Missouri, and his wife and child are in Ohio.  They’ve put up a GoFundMe site to try to raise the money he needs to move to Ohio and rejoin his family.  Anything you all can spare to help a brother out will go toward bringing his family back together.

But I’m going to sweeten the deal.

Everyone who contributes to the campaign and emails me a copy of their receipt at daddybear@daddybearsden.com will go into a drawing for some “fabulous” prizes.

When the campaign hits  the goal of $2000 or on October 14, whichever comes first, I’ll draw three names.

  • First name out of the hat gets a free signed copy of Tales of the Minivandians.
  • Second name out of the hat gets a free signed copy of Via Serica
  • Third name out of the hat gets signed copies of both books.

If you’ve got a little to spare, please consider helping these folks out.  Whether or not you can donate, they’d probably appreciate a few more prayers and kind thoughts.

Blogs Roundup

  • Brigid tells us about one of my favorite cartoons as a boy, and one of my childhood heroes.
  • Auntie J has your cute overload of the week.
  • Nate Hale hits the nail on the head when it comes to former Secretaries of State and classified information.
  • Kathy talks about the mindset needed to improve a skill, and how even hard, difficult work can be enjoyable.
  • Brigid points us to a contest for a worthy cause.
  • Tam hits it right on the head.  If the Europeans don’t turn on the refugees and the governments that are letting them in without sorting the sheep from the goats, I’ll be shocked.

Blogs Roundup

  • Wing talks to us about how the culture of BRM’s upbringing makes certain aspects of our culture rather… alien to him.
  • BRM discusses an interesting house design for living in rough conditions.  Reminds me of the people who had semi-underground homes for insulation and weather.  It also is similar to the geodesic home we saw in Florida.   I wonder how one of those would stand up to a hurricane?
  • Old NFO gives us a taste of his next book.
  • Kathy gives us some wisdom:  You’re probably not as good about safety as you think you are.
  • Robb makes a good point.

Blogs Roundup

  • Captain Tightpants points us to a group that is working to reduce the number of veterans who commit suicide.  22 is 22 too many.  He points us to a fundraiser raffle, and I encourage everyone to help out if they can.
  • Bart Barrett reminds us that some things ought to be done by experts.  Maybe I’m just a cold bastard, but the psychological comfort of the mother is pretty far down on my list of things to consider during childbirth when stacked up against the safety of both mother and baby.
  • Uncle Jay made me groan in pain and giggle at the same time.
  • The Survival Doctor has some good advice for cold weather injuries.
  • Brigid gives us a rundown on sports.  I have to disagree with her on one point.  One of the best dates I ever had as a young man involved a broken snow-mobile, a young lady, and a hand-dug snow cave.
  • Heroditus Huxley hits the mark on this one.  People tend to like having peace officers as part of their community and circle of friends.  They resent law enforcement occupying their community and harassing their friends.
  • Mr. Homegrown gives us the perspective of an experienced beekeeper on a hive design that’s been making the rounds of social media.  It’s like a lot of the things I see for firearms and camping: Yeah, it’s kind of neat, but is it really necessary, and is it a good idea?
  • Kathy Jackson asks a hard question:  Is it better to require training before getting a carry license than not to?  I’m of two minds.  You shouldn’t need a piece of paper that says you’re qualified to exercise a right in the first place, and Kathy makes a good point that having that training certificate can make some feel that they’re good to go.  On the other hand, at least in Kentucky, most of the training was about legal use of force and where you can and can’t legally carry.  At least, when somebody messes up, they can’t say “I was never told!”.  Either way, the concealed carry class shouldn’t be the first firearms related class you take, and damn sure shouldn’t be the last.
  • JayG reminds me why I hate flying.  Seriously, my “It’s close enough to drive” range is starting to look like most of the central United States and parts of Canada.
  • Ambulance Driver lays it out for all of us to see, and gives us a story that every parent and every teenager ought to know.

Blogs Roundup

  • Commander Zero has a visitor, and talks about what was left behind.
  • We’ve all had the same thought as Tam did recently.
  • Brigid has some great news!
  • If you’re looking for some great training for when things go pear shaped at the range, this is a good opportunity.  Girlie Bear and I went through AD’s course last year.
  • Divemedic takes a look at an oft-repeated statistic.
  • Kathy does an awesome job of trying to get us to put ourselves in both the position of the attacker and the lady who was robbed in this piece.  Take some time and read it carefully and think about each of her questions, because some of your answers will surprise you.
  • Kathy also talks about safety when unloading a gun.  The only thing I would add is advice to slow down when unloading and making sure there’s nothing in the chamber.  Nobody gets a medal for Olympic Glock Unloading.  As a bonus, she discusses how different stovepipe stoppages can occur in pistols.

Blogs Roundup

  • Heroditus Huxley has some good advice for people just starting out or starting over.
  • There are times I regret not gutting it out and retiring from the Army.  Then I read things like this.
  • Borepatch summarizes my sentiments exactly.  If any party wants my vote, they must give me a candidate that I want to vote for.  I’m done with voting for the lesser of two evils.  Presented with John Jackson and Jack Johnson, I will either refuse to vote in that race or vote for someone else entirely.  2016 is up for grabs, and if the Republicans make it a repeat of 2008, I for one will be ready for another Democrat president.
  • Get ready for the Internet of bad things.
  • I like the way this doctor thinks.   If you don’t want to vaccinate, so be it, but I don’t think Boo will be playing with your kids.  I’m not going to risk his health and that of the rest of the family because you get your medical advice from a bimbo.
  • The Revolutions Podcast Fundraiser is going on for a few more days.  There’s an audiobook available, some neat tee shirts, and some good books if you’ve got the coin.
  • Brigid is working on another book, and her first chapter makes me wish she’d hurry up.

Blogs Roundup

  • Miguel brings the truth, Loonie Toons style.
  • Captain Tightpants has good advice – take every situation based only on the situation, not colored by past issues.
  • OldNFO had an adventure.  I had a similar problem my first week in Helsinki.  Luckily, I can read just enough Swedish (Finland is bi-lingual) to read street signs.
  • Christina has graduated!
  • This is the conversation that Irish Woman and I have every time I try to work on a project.
  • Front Sight Press discusses using lethal force to defend another.
  • Rhino Den weighs in on being a dick on the Internet, both as a giver of crap and a reporter of it.
  • On The Console talks about being the new guy.
  • The Cornered Cat discusses taking your time when reholstering.  Remember, there’s no point for looking like the Lone Ranger when you put your gun away.
  • I couldn’t have said this better myself.

Blogs Roundup

  • Auntielj could use a hug.  She does an awesome job of explaining grief and how it can linger.
  • JayG has a good point.  The facts are not important anymore, and are flexible variables in the scripting of a narrative.
  • Ummmm, no.
  • Mrs. Homegrown is making an early New Year’s resolution.  I need to get a couple new travel mugs and use them when I get my coffee.
  • OldNFO brings back memories of reading Heinlein on our basement steps in Grand Forks, illuminated by the glow of the pennies in the fuse box.
  • BRM discusses magazines and their uses, care, and feeding.
  • I wish this were available in Kentucky.

Blogs Roundup

  •  Captain Tightpants talks about the growing divide between those who have served the nation and those who have not.  I’ve also thought a lot about this, both from a personal and a political side.  Veterans have to be woven back into the fabric of their society, or both they and the society suffer.   Unfortunately, the number of threads for that weave have dwindled so far that I’m afraid it might not be possible.
  • Roberta X has a new installment in her “I Work On A Starship” series, and it’s an excellent read.
  • Sarah A. Hoyt discusses the need to always fight back, because losing a fight is better than being a meek victim.
  • Nate Hale makes good points about the current trend in crude oil prices and their impact on American production.

Blogs Roundup

  • Christina is about to make it official.  Go on over and congratulate her.
  • Matthew discusses fear, fighting, and surviving.
  • I couldn’t have said this better myself.
  • Peter also makes excellent points on Ferguson.
  • Charlie Foxtrot points out that our melting pot is still bubbling, even if it is at the extremely micro end of the scale.
  • Larry Correia discusses use of force.
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