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Blogs Roundup

  • Commander Zero has a visitor, and talks about what was left behind.
  • We’ve all had the same thought as Tam did recently.
  • Brigid has some great news!
  • If you’re looking for some great training for when things go pear shaped at the range, this is a good opportunity.  Girlie Bear and I went through AD’s course last year.
  • Divemedic takes a look at an oft-repeated statistic.
  • Kathy does an awesome job of trying to get us to put ourselves in both the position of the attacker and the lady who was robbed in this piece.  Take some time and read it carefully and think about each of her questions, because some of your answers will surprise you.
  • Kathy also talks about safety when unloading a gun.  The only thing I would add is advice to slow down when unloading and making sure there’s nothing in the chamber.  Nobody gets a medal for Olympic Glock Unloading.  As a bonus, she discusses how different stovepipe stoppages can occur in pistols.
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  1. All good ones, thanks!

  2. Also, slow down while holstering. No prizes for being the first one to put your gat away.

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