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  • When describing a scene from the book I’m outlining to Irish Woman, wherein the female lead saves the male lead’s life, I was told that Irish Woman would have just left my big butt there to die.  It’s good that I know these things now.
  • Note to celebrities, politicians, and athletes – Coming out of the closet publicly no longer, to me, makes you brave.  Coming out of the closet to those who are a close part of your life is brave.  Coming out to the rest of us would be brave if you did it in the 1950’s, but nowadays it’s a yawner.
  • If I have brought in my own coffee to work and am standing in front of the coffee pot waiting for it to brew, it is not a good idea to say “Excuse me!”, move my pot off the burner and catch a cup full of my coffee in your cup.  That will tend to cause you to walk around for the rest of the day with a bloody stump at the end of your arm.
  • I have come to the point that I do not mind life sucking, so long as the suck is spread in an even layer over all of the people involved.
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