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  • I was once told that nothing good comes easy.  If that’s true, then this house must be glorious.
    • We applied for the mortgage in early June, and thought that the recommended 45 days for it to process was a bit excessive.  Imagine our shock when we were frantically providing paperwork, money, and explanations less than a business day before our closing.
    • My bank has a very convenient web portal for uploading the myriad pieces of paperwork that you have to provide when applying for a mortgage.  Of course, the lady we worked with didn’t seem to have a handle in using it, so we ended up emailing her most of it anyway.  Several times.  In a couple of different versions.  And it all had to get to her immediately or our mortgage would be denied and the world would end.
    • Day of closing was a real treat.  Our 9 AM appointment to sign all the paperwork was delayed by several hours BECAUSE THE MORTGAGE COMPANY DIDN’T THINK IT NECESSARY TO SEND THEIR APPROVAL AND MONEY TO THE TITLE COMPANY.
    • I will say that the actual signing went rather smoothly. I think I signed my name more for the mortgage than I ever did for a security clearance.
  • We moved in this week, and it’s been a marathon.  The movers got the big stuff and a lot of things we’d packed, and we’ve spent the last three days taking other things over from the old house.
    • The look on the movers’ faces when they saw the Coca-Cola machine, arcade game, pinball machine, and jukebox was priceless.
    • You’ve never known stress until you’ve got three coolers full of frozen meat and vegetables in the bed of your truck and you get stuck in a traffic jam in July.
    • All that canned food and such we have gathered so that we have the necessary amount of shelf-stable food for emergencies?  Yeah, my ammunition was lighter.
    • It’s amazing how quickly you go from “We have to keep this because it might come in handy” to “Forget it, let’s get another dumpster” when you have to drive 20 minutes each way with each truckload of stuff.
  • Irish Woman is happy that we now own a riding lawn mower, complete with two cup holders.  One is for the beer that she will drink while mowing the lawn.  The other is for the other beer she will drink while mowing the lawn.
  • Boo has had some misgivings about moving out of the only house he’s ever known, but seems to be adjusting.  Having a basement he can hang out in, a neighborhood full of kids, and a buddy who lives a couple of doors down seem to help.
  • For the first time in my life, I have a home with more than one bathroom.  I’m not sure how to handle this.
  • The dogs are finally returning to normal.  We put them into a kennel for a couple of nights while we moved to the new house, which freaks both of them out. Then we didn’t return to their house, with all new smells and rooms to explore. Plus, there are other dogs visible from our kitchen window, so they have someone to yell at.
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  1. Congratulations on yanking up roots and transplanting! I’d say water well, but it sounds like beer is the way to go. Maybe some whiskey to be safe.


  2. OldNFO

     /  July 31, 2020

    At least your move was local… My last one was 1300 miles… In a Budget Rent a Truck full of guns and ammo, and the rest of it via movers, who showed up a WEEK later. And I was doing closing in Texas while in DC, so flew to Texas TWICE to sign paperwork… sigh


  3. I have one question for you: how in the HELL did you manage to live THIS long with only one bathroom? Especially when your daughter still lived with the rest of y’all?


  4. I’m trying to figure out where the Army has barracks with only one latrine…


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