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  • By the time we get the old house on the market, we will have spent enough money on it that I could easily do the math in my head to figure out the percentage of the remaining mortgage we forked out.
  • The hot water heater in the old house has chosen this month to start its death rattle.  The plumber took one look at our circuit breaker box and decided that he would come back after we’d paid out three or four house payments to someone else to fix it.
  • Is it a bad thing when the electrician brings you a length of heavy wire, its insulation all discolored and melty, and asks how we managed to not burn down our house?
    • It seems that whoever wired our house originally used too thin a wire for both the hot water heater and the dryer circuits.
    • That was the most egregious thing that he found, but it wasn’t the only thing that needed fixing.
    • Coincidentally, getting the electric situation fixed cost as much as the new gun safe and mint-condition Rockola M-1 Carbine I’d been considering buying.
  • Apparently my choices for a charcoal grill are either a $30 example that is sized for a small family of munchkins and will work for maybe two weenie roasts, or a grill large enough to smoke an entire hog and whose cost will be talked about in hushed tones by my descendants.
    • So, I’m looking into how much it costs to buy a whole hog so that I’m getting full value for my grill money.
    • By the way, is it just Louisville that’s still experiencing a meat shortage?  Our butcher has pretty much anything we need, but is severely limiting what each customer can buy.
  • We are settling into the new house, mostly.
    • The re-assembly of a couple of shelving units in the garage did wonders for reducing the stack of boxes in the garage.
    • My first repair to the house was to replace the first level of the deck because my rotund self put just enough weight on it to make it collapse where the wood had gotten old.
    • My next repair will be to replace the ceiling fan I broke when I was moving a box spring around.  I smacked one of the blades of said fan hard enough to shatter it and bend the arm it rested upon enough that the fan started wobbling and humming before I could get to the light switch.
    • Needless to say, Irish Woman was impressed that I broke two things on the new house in the same weekend.
  • As I watch the weather forecasts for the next week, I saw that not one, but two possible hurricanes will hit the Gulf states in the next few days.
    • After I pondered the likelihood that this will impact our local weather in Kentucky, I then had to wonder if people were going to evacuate New Orleans this time.  I mean, last time was a bit sporty, so the smart money would be to head inland now.
    • Here’s a hint, folks – When Mister Weatherman shows a hurricane track that has 17 lines that intersect over your state, it’s time to start moving to higher ground, preferably in Nebraska.
  • The Quadrennial Festival of Political Screeching is in full swing, and I’m glad we cut off cable television and only watch broadcast for one half hour news program a day.
    • Apparently, no matter who I vote for, I’m a bad person who wants little baby kittens to go without their milk.
    • My personal political philosophy is evolving to include the following:
      • I am not interested in arguing about politics with anyone not on a very short list of human beings.  That list gets shorter all the time.
      • Since you can tell when a politician is lying because you can see their lips moving, we all need to watch their actions.  Words mislead, but hands always tell the truth.
      • This year, I’ll probably vote for the most insane candidate. Since we are circling the drain already, might as well buy a canoe and enjoy the ride.
  • There seems to be another ammunition shortage going on, but it’s matched by a lumber shortage.  I had to go to three different lumber yards/hardware stores to get lumber to fix something.  There are plenty of 2×4 studs, but other lumber, especially pressure-treated, was looking kind of lean and picked over.
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  1. mrgarabaldi

     /  August 23, 2020

    Hey DB,

    No, you got the verbage wrong, wrong wrong…you didn’t break anything….you just gave the new house the “lived in look”. Words have meaning. Yes there is a meat shortage and it is more than in L’ville it is all over, we have it here in Hotlanta also. Sure we have meat, but it cost more.


  2. Meat seems to have mostly stabilized here, but I’m not holding my breath that it’ll last (note: Upstate NY has a surprisingly healthy farm to table system, so that might be why). The HD I work at is FINALLY decently stocked on pressure treated lumber, but its been a rocky road to get there. Also, its all fresh and wet, so yah, there’s some serious issues in the supply chain still. The rest of the store is still short on everything. We got official “spread to fill” order this past week. As in “take what you have and spread it out so that the gaping holes aren’t freaking people out the way they were” orders. Makes me wonder just what news corporate got on the timelines to get those products in….


    • We’re also seeing less than full shelves for detergents and cleaners. This is especially true for anything that has bleach in it. I guess that makes sense with all of the industrial-strength disinfecting that everyone is having to do in schools and businesses.


      • Oh yes, anything with disinfecting properties is in high demand and manufacturing can’t keep up. This is extra especially true for the big name brand products that everyone recognizes at a glance. Smaller brand names may or may not fly off the shelves the same way, depending on the individual product. Garden hoses, sprinklers, garden tools (though powered is in better shape than manual tools, but not by alot), buckets (seriously, we can’t keep buckets in stock), shelving, many of hte more popular pesticides are running short, extra especially wasp/hornet sprays, many of the popular weed killers……


      • So far, other than lumber and bleach-based cleaners, I haven’t had too much trouble. Irish Woman has had to order things like shower curtains off the internet. Target and Walmart were sold out.


  3. Clayton W.

     /  August 24, 2020

    I’m holding out for the Sweet Meteor of Death to appear on inauguration day in DC. Please?


  4. OldNFO

     /  August 24, 2020

    Sounds like my ‘lessons’ getting my place ready for sale… But you do what you gotta! And you’re STILL ahead if you only broke two things! Just sayin…


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