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  • I know it doesn’t count as camping if we get a cabin and sleep in beds, but I have to wonder why I’m just as tired as I would be if we slept on the ground and hiked all day.
  • The first night we were there, I brought in the food cooler, but left the beer cooler out.
    • The raccoons opened that one and gave everything a good pawing over with their muddy feet.
    • No worries, said I, as I drained the beer cooler, gave all of the bottles a going over with a Clorox wipe, then put them back.  It’s nature, I said.  They’re just following their rambunctious instincts.
  • The second night, I arrived back at our campsite approximately 15 minutes after sundown to interrupt a raccoon smorgasbord in progress.  It looked like I’d thrown a hand grenade in a hen house as the fuzzy little bastards unassed the cabin’s porch.
    • This time, they gave both coolers a good going over, and I had to separate out the contaminated food from the still-vapor-locked stuff.
    • That is, of course, once I’d cleaned up the bologna, cheese, blackberries, and raw bratwurst they had strewn across the porch.
    • I ended up having to throw out all of the uncooked breakfast sausage, the ham, the leftover sausage gravy, and almost all of the fresh fruit.
    • Did I mention that this was after dark and I could see their beady little eyes watching every move I made?
  • Breakfast on Sunday, for two adults and a 12 year old with a hollow leg, consisted of a pineapple that I cut up with my pocket knife, bananas, hot dogs, 2 day old biscuits with jelly, and coffee.
  • Because of all this, I am declaring an official jihad against the thieving rascals.  No longer will I gently prod them off of my porch at night.  Nor will I indulge my lovely wife when she defends them based on their cuteness.
  • During our travels to and from the wilds of southern Indiana, I had the unique experience of stopping at a convenience store in an area whose drug problem has made the national news more than once.
    • The display of novelty glassware was only dwarfed by the “It’s not ephedrine anymore!” stimulant selection on the other side of the register.
    • Also, who would have guessed that the folk around there needed so many metal scrubbing pads?
  • The work to finalize the purchase of our new home continues.  The inspections are complete, with the exception of the one done by the Veteran’s Affairs folks.  I’m happy to say that our new home has a modern septic system, no evidence of termites, and the minor issues with the roof are being taken care of as I type this.
    • Irish Woman is already shopping for the pool she wants for the back yard.
  • The current work in progress is off to the beta readers, and I have a wonderful cover in the works from the nice lady who did my last cover.  Should have some snippets from it in the next few weeks.
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  1. OldNFO

     /  June 22, 2020

    Other than the trash pandas, outstanding!!!


  2. mrgarabaldi

     /  June 23, 2020

    Hey DB;

    Trash Panda’s have interrupted more than one of my camping trips..nothing than finding out camping’s utilities in the kudzu behind the camp…..furry little bastards…if it wasn’t for the boy scouts…I would have capped every one of the the masked little &&*&^%$^…Let me calm down *Deep breath* despite after instructing the boys more than once about keeping food in the tent and proper storage….what they will do to a backpack and a tent and a cooler….sheesh….well anyway….then the parents look at me when we get back like it was my fault because their spawn didn’t follow instruction and they want me to pony up the ducuts for a new backpack….Nope ain’t gonna happen…..I should write a book on my scout adventures… LOL


  3. The highest I’ve seen adults jump (other than a ‘mildly exciting misfire” on the blast field) was when raccoons pushed a locked-lid, 50 gallon garbage can full of fried chicken bones and other gourmet garbage down a 20’ tall outdoor staircase . . . as the party was still going strong on the deck. The clatter-crash was louder than the fireworks going off almost overhead. The adults all but tossed us kids bodily into the house, because some of the boar raccoons were really large.

    Ah, July 4th in Nebraska!


    • Yes, they do get big if there’s enough food. And I’d definitely throw children inside if they suddenly themselves close to a bunch of hungry raccoons.


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