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  • How my flight went on Monday:
    • Arrive at airport over an hour before boarding.
    • Check my bag, because the TSA isn’t going to get another chance to toss out half of my razor again.
    • Turned the corner from the ticketing desk, took half a step, and ran smack dab into the back of the line to go through the TSA checkpoint.  Seriously, I’ve flown the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby and it wasn’t as bad.
    • Wave as my boss walks past me and into the TSA pre-check line.  Reconsider whether the $85 every 5 years is worth the shorter line and easier screening.
      • I decided that it was.  My interview is in November.
    • Fly to Atlanta so that I can then fly to New York.  Yeah, I don’t understand it either, but it’s Delta.
    • Fly from Atlanta to SmallAirportInNewYork.
    • As we approach SmallAirportInNewYork, the captain announces that the airport is socked in and we can’t land.
    • I go back to watching my movie as we circle the airport for a couple of hours.
    • The captain comes back on and announces that we’re running a tad low on fuel.  Since we can’t get out and push, he decides it’s a good idea to divert to Hartford, Connecticut, to fill ‘er up.
    • We land in Hartford and proceed to wait about half an hour, with no sign of a fuel truck in sight.
    • The flight attendant, backed up by the captain, announces that we will, indeed, be fueling up and returning to circle SmallAirportInNewYork, but we will only try to land once or twice before returning to Atlanta.
    • I quell the outrage and tunnel vision, but am happy to report that my fellow passengers did not have that much self control.
    • Due to the pending riot on the plane, the flight attendant and captain decide that everybody who wants to get off is welcome to do so.  The airline, of course, will not be providing ground transportation to SmallAirportInNewYork, so we’re on our own.
    • Bossman and I retrieve our luggage while he tries to get us a rental car.
    • Upon inspection of my suitcase, I notice that the outside pocket where I put my shaving kit is about 1/4 of the way unzipped.  Further inspection shows that the pocket is devoid of said shaving kit.  Tunnel vision returns for a few minutes.
    • We acquire our rental car, have a quick bite to eat in lovely Hartford, and make our way down the freeway.  While we’re driving, I get out the Amazon app and order a new razor.  It’ll be delivered to my house on Wednesday.
    • Two hours later, after driving through every roadwork zone in Connecticut, we wave to SmallAirportInNewYork as we pass it.
    • Bossman graciously stops at a Target so that I can buy replacement toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and a pack of disposable razors.
    • We make it to our hotel, four hours later than planned,  with no further issues.
    • Upon unpacking my suitcase, however, I find one of those nifty-neato TSA cards that notifies me that an agent of the government found it necessary to rifle through my unmentionables.
    • Lo and behold, I find the contents of my shaving kit at the bottom of my suitcase.  Luckily for me and the people I had to interact with on Monday evening, my toothpaste and shampoo did not leak out onto my work clothes.
    • 7 PM – I get a notification from Delta airlines that my flight from Atlanta to SmallAirportInNewYork, which I got off of hours ago, has been cancelled.  I feel a warm glow knowing that the airline is looking out for me.
  • Wednesday was spent in New York City, ending a 20+ year drought of me setting  foot in New York City.
  • As we walked along the fetid streets of Manhattan, I considered another large city I’ve visited:  Moscow.
    • Moscow is cleaner, but New York has slightly better road conditions.
    • I saw fewer drunk people sitting on the sidewalk in New York.  Of course, the drunks in Moscow were frozen to the sidewalk, which adds a level of sophistication.
    • Both are impossible to drive in, and the odor of a big city is the same all over the world.
  • On the flight home today, I watched the new “Murder on the Orient Express“.  I’ve walked around all afternoon thinking about growing my mustache out.
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  1. mrgarabaldi

     /  October 12, 2018

    Hey DB;

    Sorry you had problems with Delta, Delta and other carriers have “hubs”, Louisville is a small city and most flights fly to the nearest “Hub” to catch a connecting flight, it is common practice. As far as the way y’all were treated, contact their customer service and be polite and complain with the way this was handled by the flight crew and you having to rent a car to get to your destination. I would use the comment “my company paid a lot of money to fly Delta, if I wanted to be treated poorly, I would have flown American” The only thing I can figure out as far as Hartfort went is that LGA, JFK and EWR(Newark) were socked in by said cloud cover.
    Have fun in New York, LOL


  2. John in Philly

     /  October 12, 2018

    Except for Navy boot camp, I’ve had a mustache for almost half a century and I’m still waiting for it to grow out and get bushy!

    I thought that “Murder on The Orient Express” was beautifully filmed, and impeccably acted. I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t already know whodunit.

    I spent two years on a reserve destroyer stationed at a pier in the north Bronx and made much use of the Manhattan USO, NYC was an interesting place in the mid seventies, but I have no desire to visit, nor live there.


  3. OldNFO

     /  October 12, 2018

    Typical Delta… Glad y’all rioted… 😀


  4. John

     /  October 13, 2018

    Well now, I thought everyone knew that Delta stands for “Duh, EVERYTHING leads to Atlanta!”


  5. Shoulda flown in through Syracuse, it about takes an act of God to shut us down! Course, then you’d have had a 6hr drive into NYC, oh well.

    I try to avoid flying these days, but when I did fly, I never packed anything in an outside pocket. And all “liquids” got double bagged in ziplocks to avoid leakage. Course, I never managed to attract TSA’s eye either……


  6. Suzie-q Ratowski

     /  October 15, 2018

    Sucky trip…Once upon a time before I retired and I had to fly into SmallAirportinNY, we got diverted to Providence RI. (Which googlemaps tells me is farther away than Hardford, but I digress.) The airline bussed up back to Small Airport, no problem. Also food vouchers.
    Of course, this was 15 years ago before the Great Consolidation meant that the airlines no long Have To Give a Hoot…


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