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  • Due to an upcoming business trip, I had to go clothes shopping today.
    • I wisely chose to take along my lovely wife.  You see, like many men I know, I can only see the colors that came in the Crayola 8 pack I got in kindergarten.  I’ll allow that there are “regular”, “light”, and “dark” shades of each, for a total of 24 total colors.
    • Apparently, through some magic that must be intertwined somewhere in the double-X chromosome, Irish Woman can see a myriad of colors, and can sense which of them should be worn together.
    • Hence, dear reader, her presence as I picked out a new sport coat and dress shirt for my trip.
  • Since it’s been umpteen years since I last bought a dress coat, I asked the nice young lady at the second store we went to to measure me.  Apparently, I’m a “Lower Primate – Long”.
    • Now that I think of it, it might have been faster and cheaper to go to the zoo in order to skin out a silverback for my jacket.
  • Boo has graduated up to Webelos Scout, and since his blue Cub Scout shirt fits like a sausage skin that no longer reaches to his belt line, we purchased him a new khaki Boy Scout shirt, with all the necessary patches.
    • That, along with a new Webelos manual and a spare neckerchief, came to only slightly less than my dress jacket.
  • We finally broke down and called a plumbing company to come out and correct the issue we’ve been having with our sewer lines.
    • It would have taken me a couple of weekends and many trips to the store to fix it.
    • They, on the other hand will arrive tomorrow with crew, talent, equipment, and supplies, and will probably be done in a couple of hours.


  1. John in Philly

     /  October 1, 2018

    I like blue. If left alone my wardrobe would have only blue clothing.
    But sometimes clothing will show up without any input from me and the colors won’t be blue.
    Either my shirt drawer is connected to a replicator, or my wife is trying to widen my color spectrum.
    She did notice that a red shirt will go unworn regardless of how many times she changes its position in the shirt queue.


    • My wardrobe would be entirely in shades of black, brown, and green if my wife didn’t have input. Blue denim doesn’t count, of course. She says I still dress in BDU colors, and she’s not far off.


  2. Back sometime in the ’80’s my Folks were in England, and Mother decided that Father needed a brand new Harris Tweed jacket. Father had a fit over the price, but Mother pointed out to him “They last forever, so divide the price by thirty years, and keep in mind that the cheaper price you’re remembering is because the last two you bought you got in a Junk shop for $5.”


    • I considered checking out a used clothing booth at the local Peddler’s Mall. The size issue was the main reason I didn’t think I’d have much success.


  3. OldNFO

     /  October 8, 2018



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