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  • Dinner tonight was deep fried meat on a stick with a couple pieces of Boo’s funnel cake for dessert.  Our entertainment was dirt track racing and some dude on a guitar singing Johnny Cash and David Allan Coe.
    • If that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your ass.
  • The difference between the state fair in Louisville and a county fair about 20 miles from home is that when I left the county fair, I still had faith in humanity and still loved my family.
  • I took Boo on his first ferris wheel ride tonight.  Little buddy was a bit nervous at first, but by the time we got off, he’d stopped threatening to throw up.  I’ll call that a win.
  • After all these years, I’m glad to know that my “I will kill you with my mind” stare works.
  • Few college kids can say that their father made them scrambled eggs with cheese and pieces of steak before going to work, but mine can.
  • Irish Woman has been trying very hard to cut down on the carbs and junk in our diet, and for the most part, it’s going well.  The other day, though, after a rather stressful day at work, I had to drive through a burger joint and get a couple of rich, salty, greasy cheeseburgers.  It was either that or play bumper cars on the freeway.
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  1. One of the consequences of my Father’s decision to take a post at Iowa State the year after I graduated from High School was that I got to see the Iowa State Fair once. Fantastic spectacle. Also one hell of a party. I had no trouble seeing why Phil Stong was moved to write a novel about it, or why the novel was adapted to film three times, to stage, and to television.


  2. OldNFO

     /  August 4, 2018

    Local fairs tend to be VERY different from the state fairs… BUT, the Texas State Fair is amazing!!! 🙂


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