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  • If his most famous act were to occur nowadays, John Wilkes Booth could probably plead not guilty due to Lincoln Anxiety Disorder.
  • If folks are worried about 3D printing of firearms, then they’ll love the documentation and instructions the government is just giving out for free.
  • All of the folks screeching in the news lately really just need an old woman, her hair up in curlers and a lit cigarette dangling from one corner of her mouth, to point a gnarled old finger at them and growl, “Don’t start shit, won’t be shit.”
  • Speaking of smoking, it appears that folks who live in federally funded housing projects are being told to not smoke in their homes and to walk a few feet away from buildings before lighting their coffin nails.  So, basically, they’re being given the same rules that folks living in military barracks have had to live under since about 1992.  My heart bleeds.  No, really.
  • Maybe I’m a heartless goon…  No, scratch that.  I am a heartless goon.
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  1. mrgarabaldi

     /  August 3, 2018

    Hey DB; that As far as the smoking goes….that has been way since the mid 80’s at least while I was in. Good rant btw


  2. OldNFO

     /  August 3, 2018

    Good rant! 🙂


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