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  • Our plan to land in Minneapolis on a Sunday evening, drive for a few hundred miles, sleep for a couple of hours, then finish the drive to my home town looked good on paper.
  • If you’re going to design a hotel that has intense spotlights shining on the front of the building, please make sure that the curtains in the rooms near said spotlights will:
    • a) Shut out all of the blindingly bright, white light so that guests can sleep
    • b) Close more than 25% of the width of the windows
  • I expect to receive, any day now, a letter from the FAA and the North Dakota Highway Patrol asking us to either put wings on our rental car or slow the heck down.
  • Apparently, having a hot flash while trying to get across the Minneapolis airport was not part of Irish Woman’s plans.  However, the beautiful ladies at the Hertz desk accomodated her by getting us to our car as quickly as possible and pointing every fan they could find in her direction.
  • You know your son is tired when he won’t wake up to go get pizza and ice cream.
  • I now have a firm agreement from Irish Woman to move back to North Dakota as soon as I can find a way to guarantee that her bourbon will not turn to slush, parts of her anatomy will not freeze solid and snap off, and Boo has finished school.
  • After a week of being to see the horizon as a faraway line, Kentucky feels almost claustrophobic.
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  1. OldNFO

     /  July 9, 2018

    Ah yes, a real view… 🙂


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