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Review – Galaxy’s Edge, Part II

Question:  How much do I enjoy the Galaxy’s Edge series by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole?

Answer:  Enough to spend an Audible credit to listen to the audiobooks, read by R.C. Bray, after I’ve read all of them already.

Legion Dark Ops calls upon Chhun, Wraith, and the survivors of Victory Company to form an elite Kill Team of legionnaires in the aftermath of the Battle of Kublar. Their mission is clear: find and eliminate those responsible for the Kublar disaster.

Standing between them and their objective are a maze of corrupt Republic officials, a spy on the verge of losing himself in deep cover, and the Zhee – a murderous species that will stop at nothing. But the biggest threat of all might be the truth they seek to uncover – a truth that could ignite a revolution. And engulf the galaxy in flames.

Fleets collide in this audiobook in a moment-by-moment account of tactics, heroism, sacrifice, and the start of the final war of the Republic. The stakes have never been higher – and it’s winner takes all.

Galaxy’s Edge, Part II, includes the third and fourth books in the series, ‘Kill Team‘ and ‘Attack of Shadows‘.  The first half of the audiobook deals with the aftermath of the Battle of Kublar, as Chhun and his team are drawn into the shadowy world of Dark Ops.  They soon find themselves embroiled in a race against time to stop a devestating attack.  The second half brings us back to Goth Sullus and his forces as they begin their war against the Galactic Republic.

As always, Bray does an outstanding job in voicing and pacing. He brings the tension and urgency needed for Kill Team, but then works magic as he hops from one scene to the next in the frenetic battle sequences in Attack of Shadows.

This is an excellent book to listen to while you’re on your morning commute.  I found myself lingering in the truck for several minutes so that I could get to the end of a chapter.

If you’re a fan of military science fiction that moves at the speed of light, you’ll enjoy Galaxy’s Edge, Part II.

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