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100 Years On – Armistice in the East

On December 15, 1917, a general armistice between the Russian Communist government and the Central Powers went into effect.  Effectively, Russian participation in the war was over.  Negotiations toward a peace treaty began, and would conclude in March of 1918 with the Russians ceding vast tracts of land to Germany, Austria, and the other members of the Central Powers.

The Bolsheviks had swept into power with a promise to end the war, and their almost abject surrender of the western portion of their country in order to fulfill it gave Germany an opportunity to move men and weapons to the Western Front for the fighting of 1918.

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  1. Amazing how some actions have repercussions through the ages.

    O/T – I’m new here to your den (I’ve read the books – they’re good!), but I see you were in Augsburg in ’91. I was a 98K in Berlin back then. Did you hear how we nearly started the war in the Spring of ’89?


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