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  • It’s not every day that I get to use a hatchet, a bow saw, a bush hog, and a claw hammer.  Today was one of those days.
  • You know you’ve done some funky stuff when you have to scrub the tub after your shower.
  • The tree is up, it’s twinkling, and the Grinch is in the DVD player.  Ho freaking ho.
    • We, being traditional folks, went through the annual ritual of “Where did we put those bloody lights?”
  • I’m not a redneck for putting my beer out on the porch to keep it cold.  I’m an environmentalist.
  • We have found that the only way to get Derby to sleep on her dog bed is to put said bed onto the couch where she prefers to sleep.
  • Either Irish Woman is trying to fatten me up for the mid-winters feast, or she just feels like making huge breakfasts this weekend.  I haven’t needed lunch since Friday.
  • The office had their Christmas lunch and gift exchange on Friday.  The most hotly contested gifts were a yard long Snicker’s bar and 10 pounds of country sausage from a local butcher.  Not sure what that says about the folks I work with.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  December 4, 2017

    I am thinking that if all those tools were used on the same task, perhaps explosives should have been the first choice.
    “Honey, have you seen my cap crimping pliers?”


    One of our regular Christmas movies is “The Long Kiss Goodnight.”

    I think the perfect stocking stuffer gift would be a beer holder for those “hold my beer” moments.


  2. You didn’t need a machete, or a propane torch? No splitting wedges? No firearms of any type?



    • Splitting wedge comes out in a bit when I have to smash apart some ash trunk sections someone gifted me. Consider the bushhog as a gas-driven machete.


  3. So… You got your ‘inner’ redneck on? And something is now ‘fixed’, right? 🙂


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