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Today’s Earworm III

DaddyBear’s Den

This is the song that Rick Rescorla is said to have been singing while he got people out of the World Trade Center in 9/11/01.  He perished trying to help others live, something that from his biographies and the many other things I’ve read about him, was what he had been preparing for his entire life.

It is one of my hopes that I meet him in the next world, so that I may shake the hand of one of the bravest men I ever heard of.

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  1. Amen…


  2. mrgarabaldi

     /  September 12, 2017

    Hey DB;

    Rick Rescorla was also in the battle of the IA Drang valley in 1966. There is an iconic picture of Rick that if you saw the pic, you would immediately recognize it. I don’t know how to import images on your comment, I will do it on FB though…Hope you don’t mind. And yes when we go to Vahalla I would shake his hand.


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