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Today’s Earworm III

This is the song that Rick Rescorla is said to have been singing while he got people out of the World Trade Center in 9/11/01.  He perished trying to help others live, something that from his biographies and the many other things I’ve read about him, was what he had been preparing for his entire life.

It is one of my hopes that I meet him in the next world, so that I may shake the hand of one of the bravest men I ever heard of.

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  1. Thanks DB,
    That one gave me chills…Rick Rescorla was featured on the cover of all the books written about the Ia Drang Valley. he died a warriors death and you are correct, I hope to one day if I am lucky to shake his hand after I cross over. There is a difference to die and die well, he died well, a better tribute a warrior doesn’t want.


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