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  • While Irish Woman went to a gathering last night, Boo and I put up the tent and slept out in the front yard.
    • It’s good that he’s still at that age when things like that are fun.
  • When I was 18, sleeping on the bare ground was comfortable and restful.
    • Now that I’m 46, not being able to find my foam pad for sleeping out in the tent with Boo means a sore back and bad sleep.
  • Continuing work on Indus, and I got the Romans moving again just in time for the story to get mildly stuck.  While it ruminates, I’m continuing work on Boogeyman.
  • Boo found a Christmas present he’d forgotten about today: a set of short-range walkie-talkies.
    • He’s too old to fall for “They don’t make batteries for that anymore.”
    • He did think it was funny when I used my handset to ask him if he’d ‘taken care of that thing’ for me, and to tell him that his money was under one of the rocks out by the mailbox.
  • Speaking of Boo, he ran his first mud run this weekend.  Apparently, it’s now considered fun to do a lot of the things I used to have to do while wearing an LBE and Kevlar.
  • A solar eclipse will be happening soon, and Louisville schools plan on taking busloads of kids down to Hopkinsville, Kentucky to witness it.
    • When I lived down that way, the only time busloads of kids got taken to Hoptown was for a “Scared Straight!” field trip.
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  1. John In Philly

     /  July 31, 2017

    Sleeping in a tent, LBE and Kevlar, and running in the mud.
    I am surer every day that the Navy was the right choice for me.
    Although it was not always perfect. Once in a while you could not get the individual air conditioning outlet in your rack set just right, and every once in a while when you were having filet mignon and lobster tail on the mess deck the cooks would not get your steak cooked perfectly the way you ordered!
    On the other hand, having airplanes land and take off on the roof of your floating hotel got kinda interesting once in a while.
    (interesting being a code word for terrified)

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  2. LOL, agree with John! And the roof was always ‘fun’, for various definitions of fun…


    • Yeah, but there was water underneath you. No way to dig a decent fighting position on a flight deck.


  3. A few years ago, my Senior Minion conned me into doing a mud run with her, and we had a blast. So much so, that we now do any one we can get to. In fact, we’re already scheduled to do the Warrior Dash in Pulaski, TN next year, but we’ve got to start early, so she can get back home and get ready for her senior prom that night.
    People ask me if I didn’t get enough of that in the service, and I point out that I’m running it without 40 lbs. of gear, there’s no smoke or tear gas, no artillery simulators and no screaming sergeants! What’s not to like?


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