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  • Apparently I can’t expect others to walk and chew gum at the same time when I’m spinning plates on a high-wire over a flaming pit of gasoline while riding a unicycle and loudly singing Ta-ra-ra-boomdiyay.
  • I’d like to thank Christopher Nolan for making his newest film extra loud, because that meant I didn’t have to listen to the jackass two seats down from me shovel popcorn into his gaping maw and chew his cud with his mouth open for two freaking hours.
  • I was working on the next Roman’s book tonight when a character from something I’ve been outlining off and on whispered in my ear “Flat tire”.
    • So, I spent half an hour moving forward on that story until I got stuck again.
    • If the people inside my head would learn to wait their turn, I’d be a lot more productive.
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  1. Or if the characters whose turn it actually *is* would do what you wanted them to do instead of insisting “this is boring–let’s start en medias res.” And being right.


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