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New Minivandians Story on Pre-Sale

“So, what happens next?”

In 2014, a good friend handed me a copy of his first book and then asked “When’s yours come out?”

It was quite a challenge, considering that I hadn’t the foggiest idea of what I could or would write about. I got to work, and “Tales of the Minivandians” was the result of that conversation.

I had so much fun doing it, I immediately started thinking of the next steps in the story. Thing is, life intruded, and I wrote two more books before picking up where Tales left off. To be blunt, I outlined the first third of the book, then the last third of the book. Then, when I tried to connect the two, I got stuck.

After staring at a blinking cursor for a month, I gave it a rest and went off on a tangent about a Roman senator sent on a suicide mission, which led to the beginning of the “Via Serica” series. Then, a bunch of ideas that wouldn’t grow into full novels became “Escort Duty,” which includes a short tale about one of Simon’s earlier, and happier, adventures.

Then, just as the weather got hot this summer, a red-headed Eyrisch healer started whispering in my ear.

“So, what happens next?”

Quest to the North” is the first third of “what happens next”, and it’s up for pre-sale now.  It will be available for reading on Tuesday.

Here’s the blurb:

In the first of three adventures, the Minivandian’s son finds a hidden story of his parents’ past.

Long before the comfortable adventures of the everyday, Ruarin, the Lady of Eyre and Daddybear the Minivandian make a harrowing journey to track down the ghoulish remnants of a friend, and the captive he took.

In the frozen north, they must brave not only killing weather and hidden monsters, but the secrets of Daddybear’s past, including his true name…

All three parts of the story have been written, and they’ll be released as they are polished and ready. The Young Prince is going to hear about how his mother and father found their way home, and I hope you all come along for the ride.

The next installment, “Lost Children,” will come out in January 2017, and the final story, “Lady of Eyre” is expected to show its face in February or March.

Hope y’all enjoy Quest to the North.  Please take a moment to leave a review once you’re done.  All it takes is a few minutes, and it makes a world of difference for the book’s visibility.

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  1. It’s GOOD! Since I was one of the prereaders, I can say that on good authority (mine, FWIW, LOL)…


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