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  • I made a total impulse buy and got myself a “Holiday Spice Flat White” from Starbucks, because sugary coffee with nutmeg smelled good at the time.  It was… different.  Imagine piping hot, slightly sweet, caffeinated chicken gravy.
  • My youngest son needs to learn that I have excellent hearing outside of noisy environments.  I can also go from “grumpy” to “growly” in 2.8 milliseconds.
  • I’d like to thank the Ford Motor Company and the CSX railroad for parking a freight train across the road I chose to get to work this morning.  No, seriously, I’m even considering sending their CEO’s nice watches for Christmas, because obviously their !#@$!! companies don’t realize when !#@$!! rush !#@! hour is in !@$!@# Louisville by God Kentucky!
  • If you are eating your lunch in your cubicle and chew with your mouth open so loudly that I can hear it in the next row over, don’t be surprised if someone desecrates the graves of your ancestors with common household materials.


  1. Oh lovely on the trains… Gotta wonder what was going on.


    • My office is across from a Ford plant. They regularly run trains in and out, but their timing leaves a lot to be desired.


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