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Politics Roundup

  • From the “Not One Cent for Tribute” Department – The Obama administration has apparently been making secret payments, to the tune of $1.7 billion, to the government of Iran over the past few years.  These are ostensibly to cover the cost of settling decades-old legal disputes with the Iranians, and more payments are planned for the future.  While I’m perfectly fine with the administration conducting diplomacy to find solutions to problems, this smacks of bribery and appeasement to me.  When are the Iranians going to repay us for our embassy, the detention of our diplomats, and the deaths of American service members at the hands of Iran-funded and trained terrorists going back to Reagan’s first term?
  • From the “Barbarians and other Vermin” Department – Police investigations into the bombings in Brussels continue.  So far, several arrests have been made, but apparently not of the bomb maker for this particular nest of human filth.  Several Americans have been hurt in the attacks, with some still unaccounted for.  President Obama took a few minutes away from his junket in Havana to comment on the attack, but apparently the loss of American blood doesn’t warrant an American response.  Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that would have caused us to level somebody’s home town in days gone by.  In related news, I think this young man needs to stay home and play XBox for a while.
  • From the “It Weren’t Lutherans” Department – A State Department official has asserted that the attacks in Brussels had nothing to do with religion, rather they were motivated by a ‘warped and brutal, depraved ideology’.  A request for comment on which religions other than Islam contribute adherents to this ‘warped and brutal, depraved ideology’ have gone unanswered.
  • From the “Third Rail” Department – The Cruz and Trump campaigns have apparently decided to start trashing each other’s wives.  A PAC that, while not connected to Senator Cruz, supports him, put up an advertisement featuring a nude photo of Mr. Trump’s third wife, Melania.  In response, Mr. Trump is threatening to ‘spill the beans’ about Senator Cruz’s wife, Heidi.  A little digging by this reporter suggests that the ‘beans’ that Mr. Trump is threatening to spill are actually the ones Mrs. Cruz puts in her chili, a cardinal sin in the great state of Texas.  No word from the Clinton or Sanders campaigns on whether or not they will join in on the fun of trashing each others’ spouses, although I have it on good authority that Mrs. Clinton lives in terror that someone will bring up her husband’s character at a debate.
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  1. It’s gotten so ugly so early, I don’t know where they can go from here… sigh


  2. “A request for comment on which religions other than Islam contribute adherents to this ‘warped and brutal, depraved ideology’ have gone unanswered.”

    Marxism? Progressivism?

    Oh, no, wait. Those aren’t OFFICIALLY religions.



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