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  • Today, for the first time in 15 years, Irish Woman and I did a major part of a project together and not only did we do it without having a spat, we had a rather enjoyable and smooth day of it.
  • Driving a fifteen foot Uhaul truck with a blind spot big enough to park my pickup in was rather nerve racking, but there weren’t any close calls as we made our way to the wilds of Southern Indiana and back to pick up the new counter tops and cabinets.
    • Well, no close calls that I’m aware of.
  • I didn’t think that moving a twelve foot piece of counter would be complicated, but I was wrong.
  • Tonight, I decided that “You can have two of these a day” means I can take an extra anti-inflammatory before bedtime.
  • Gentlemen, the correct thing to say when your wife points to a detour sign and says, “Is that where we’re going?” is not “I know where I’m going, dear.”
    • In unrelated news, the Indiana Department of Transportation is wholesale ripping out entire interchanges on Interstate 65, including one that I just used a couple weeks ago.
  • We may have a good fruit year.  The peaches and nectarines are loaded with blossoms, and the almond tree looks like it was flocked with petals.  The apples and cherries should be busting open soon, and the bees are already hard at work.
  • This spring, I’m going to do an experiment to try to figure out which is best at choking out its neighbors – honeysuckle, spearmint, or crab grass.
    • The other option involves gelled gasoline under pressure, but that would cause Irish Woman to get “the look” on her face.  It would, however, be glorious.
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  1. That’s good for YOUR survival… And I vote for the jellied gas! 😀


  2. I vote for spearmint 😛 it smells good when you mow it!


  3. If you go for the “jellied gasoline under pressure” option, let me know, I have leave to burn.
    So to speak.


  4. John in Philly

     /  March 22, 2016

    And if the spearmint does not pan out, you could then harvest the mint, press it and add the oil to the gelled gasoline mixture.
    For that minty fresh smell, yah know?


  5. Don’t know re: honeysuckle, mint, and crab grass. I DO know that the only plant I have ever seen choke out poison ivy is Rosa Rugosa, a,rather pretty old fashiond rose with more thorns than the mind can comdfortably conceive.

    I have heard tales about bamboo, but never witnessed….


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