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  • Note to self – Get to the Pinewood Derby a few minutes earlier so that Boo can do a couple trial runs before checking his car in.  A wheel that’s on just a tad too tight is going to make for a very slow run down the track.
    • Boo was a good sport about it, but he definitely wasn’t happy about the situation.
  • Two words to not use when talking about my life are “allow” and “grant”.   Remember, kids, the default setting in my kernel is “yes” when it comes to “Can DB do something, without harming someone else, without the government or nosy busybodies sticking their noses into it?”.
  • Irish Woman and Girlie Bear are down with the crud.  I am not known for my bedside manner.  To quote a doctor that Irish Woman used to work with: “If you want warm and fuzzy, get a puppy.”
    • I help with illnesses, not feelings.
  • If you write a program, and your variables are, literally, $firstVariable and $secondVariable, then I will have wild fantasies about hunting you down and flaying you with a broken Corona bottle.
  • Tonight, the final pieces come out of the kitchen and I start repair and prep work for the new cabinets and fixtures.  Please do not expect me to be capable of much more than picking up a small pencil tomorrow.
  • There are fewer things more frustrating to me than looking at process documentation that I wrote months ago and finding a rather ignorant mistake in one of the commands.
  • When other people tear stuff out of an old house, they find bottles of bourbon, maybe the proceedings from a bank job, or possibly a first edition Mark Twain novel.  What do I find?  Decades-old mouse nests and the fuzzy, greasy, horror from under the cabinets.
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  1. Sorry to hear about the pinewood problem… And no, I’ve never hit a ‘jackpot’ doing demo either…


  2. John in Philly

     /  March 15, 2016

    Completed the kitchen job, then had the ceiling fan running when we opened a ceiling height cabinet door near the fan. The surprise was that the fan blade missed the door.
    Not because we planned the fan and door locations, we totally skipped taking that into account. The only reason the fan did not crash into the door was a miracle of luck.
    Very rare indeed when Murphy takes a day off from enforcing his law.


  3. I used to annoy the heck out of my classmates with variables named like “varhione” = variable for height #1. On the other hand I never had an issue telling when someone had decided to borrow bits of my programing homework…..


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