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Helping Out

NFO sent up a flare about a situation where somebody needs help, and I’d appreciate it if everyone could kick in a few shekels, if they have them.  Our family went through an apartment fire in 2003, and the charity and kindness of a lot of people went a long way toward helping the kids get their lives back together.

To thank those who contribute, I’m going to do a give-away.

  • The first 10 people who donate $10 or more to the campaign and send me the receipt at daddybear@daddybearsden.com will get a free, autographed copy of Escort Duty.
  • The first 5 who give $25 or more get autographed copies of Escort Duty and Via Serica.
  • The first person to donate $50 or more gets a copy of Escort Duty, Via Serica, and Tales of the Minivandians.

What the heck.  I needed to order more books anyway.

If you’ve got a little bit to spare, please help.


Update – Joe posted a while ago that Hank didn’t make it.  He’s going to leave the campaign active for a few days, and the give-away will remain open until he closes it.

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