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Hard Truths

  • Only one of the Star Wars movies, so far, have been worth the cost of a full price ticket and a bucket of popcorn.
  • The same holds true for the Star Trek movies, and most of the television episodes.
  • Music wasn’t any better when you were young.  You’ve just had a couple-three decades to forget all the crap and only listen to the good stuff.
  • Most of the really thorny issues in our nation pretty much boil down to “How do you separate the sheep from the goats?” and “Who died and left you in charge?”.
  • Most of today’s technology is either a derivative of something an engineer did half a century ago, or the result of someone having to come up with something to get their thesis done on a Sunday night two weeks before graduation.
  • About six weeks after the CMP starts selling M1911’s, there are going to be a rash of posts on gun fora about how they are pieces of crap that don’t shoot worth a darn.  A few months after that, there will be a rash of posts that showcase the “customization” that their new owners put into them to “improve” them.
  • There are probably more people who can rattle off the properties of a rare card from a game or can recite the intimate details of fictional characters from television shows that were cancelled during the Vietnam War, than can list the first ten amendments to the Constitution or the Ten Commandments.
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  1. Hey DB;

    The 2nd Star Wars (original) was the best of the 3.
    Star Trek II was the best Trek of them all….
    Aliens was the best of them. Even though the humans died…they went down fighting.
    I still consider the 80’s the best music decade, the wide variety was great:)
    I almost think we need to have a “Divorce” from the conservatives and the Prog…..the conservatives are tired of continuing to compromise and the progressive keep coming up with new demands…and nobody will listen to each other anymore.
    can’t argue with the technology…..you are correct. Now it is more important that a company be “diverse” than be successful.
    The CMP 45’s with few exceptions will be worn out, may not be from shooting…but from all the cleaning….
    I blame the schools and the media for having the low info voters….Any person worth their citizenship would know…but such things are not encouraged…..it is easier for our “betters” to sneak crap past all the clueless voters.


  2. That last is especially true… sigh


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