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Educational Television Bites Me In The Ass

This morning, while Irish Woman and Girlie Bear were out, I bundled Boo into the truck and headed off to run a few errands  The last of these was to visit our local nursery/country store/odds and ends place to pick up a couple dozen farm eggs.  On our way in, Boo spied a sign in front of a shelf full of pumpkins that read “Half Off!”

My darling little boy looked up at me with those ice blue eyes, and in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, said, “Dad!  Let’s get some and make pumpkin pie like Alton Brown!”  Needless to say, a couple rather large pumpkins went home with us.

I guess that’s better than “Dad!  Let’s get some and make moonshine!” or “Dad! Let’s get a couple and see how much black powder it takes to launch one 100 feet!”

Looks like the limited TV we let him have is still sinking in.  Have to remember that the next time he wants to watch “TV Commercial:  The Movie!”

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  1. Glenn555

     /  November 7, 2015

    I hope he ends up really liking pumpkin pie. And, what’s wrong with a boy wanting to loft a pumpkin 100′ with black powder? On the other hand,,,,who is this Alton Brown of whom you speak? (Or Boo.) The moonshine? That would be my boy.

  2. Steve

     /  November 8, 2015

    At least you are letting him watch a good show. My son (bless his little heart) lets my g-daughters watch…. gack-cough-spit….. the disney channel!

  3. Black powder would have been my choice… 🙂

  4. You really should teach him how to make moonshine

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