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  • My doctor said I needed to cut back on the stress, spicy food, and coffee.  I don’t think she knows me very well.
  • Apparently as I came out from under sedation yesterday, I started singing “I love to go swimming with bow-legged women.”  Irish Woman stopped me before I belted out the refrain.
  • Question – When did it become polite to refer to a presidential candidate by their first name, e.g. “Hillary,” “Carlie”, “Bernie”?  I remember my civics teacher in high school talking about the pearl clutching when President Carter introduced himself as “Jimmy Carter.”  I think it diminishes the candidate when they’re not addressed by their title (Mrs. Fiorina, Secretary Clinton).
  • There are very few things more embarrassing than showing some network settings to a vendor and realizing that what you were looking for was apparently configured by a drunken frat boy.

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  1. My doc just throws up his hands and walks out shaking his head… 🙂

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