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  • If you refer to Bradley as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1943, and Patton as a Major General while showing him with three stars on his helmet, then I reserve the right to mock you, both verbally and on the streaming service you use.
  • Also, if you’re going to narrate a series of documentaries about Nazi Germany, then it might behoove you to learn how to properly pronounce some basic German words.  The German army was not called the Vrrmacht, the Germans did not have a battleship called the Prinz Yugen, and “Bund” is not pronounced as if it were a cake.
  • When President Obama came to Louisville to give a speech last week, we had torrential rainstorms, flooding, burning factories, and at least one baby being born in the traffic backup on I-65.  When Senator Paul came to Louisville to announce his candidacy for President, we got thunderstorms, heavy rain, and maybe a tornado or two.  It would appear that politicians bring the wrath of God onto our heads.
  • I was writing a scene today where a military leader has to tell a group of soldiers that they have been given an assignment that was going to suck.  I had to go back and rewrite it so that the phrases “opportunity to excel” and “embrace the suck” were not included.  I don’t think Romans would have used that exact phrasing.
  • Subjects you should not research on a gray, drippy day include warfare on the Eastern Front in World War I and the Roman slave trade.
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  1. nixfu

     /  April 8, 2015

    Complexo Combibo

  2. It would appear that politicians bring the wrath of God onto our heads.
    Thankfully, We have few enough electoral votes that they don’t stop by very often.

  3. I’m reading the Marching With Caesar series by RW Peake, a retired marine.
    Occasionally a term sneaks in that isn’t quite right…
    Doesn’t exactly take me out of the story, and might not be obvious to readers without contemporary US military experience (and does mine still count as “contemporary”?), but I do find it jarring.

    • I’m struggling with that. There have to be ways to get those points across without writing Centurion Hartmannus

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