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Movie Review – Home

Alternate title – But other that that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Home is the spring kid’s movie from Dreamworks, and is based on a children’s book which looks more interesting than the movie.  The movie revolves around an alien named Oh, who is something of a screw-up.  His people, the Boov, come to Earth to hide from their ancient enemy.  After sequestering the entire human race on a reservation in the Australian outback, they move into our apartments and begin doing Boov business.  Oh meets Tip, a young human girl whose name I thought was short for Stereotip, but is really named Gratuity.  Anyway, these two crazy kids go on a mission to find Tip’s mother and save the planet.  In the end, lessons are learned, love is shown, and we are treated to dance moves by alien creatures who are just taken over by the rhythm.

Gad, I really wasn’t in the mood for a cute movie.

Oh is played by Jim Parsons, who turns in an excellent portrayal of a creature who talks with the same syntax as an email from a Nigerian prince.  Tip is voiced by Rihanna, who has that squeaky, vaguely New York accent that we all expect from a child character who claims to be from Barbados.  Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Matt Jones round out the principle speaking parts of the movie.  Overall, the voice acting was pretty good, and the actors did a good job of matching their acting to the roles.

The animation in the movie is oustanding.  The Boov, which if you’ve read Mother of Demons will seem somewhat familiar, are rather cartoonish, while the humans were less so.  The backgrounds were pretty breathtaking, and the outlandish things that the Boov do to the Earth are well done and rather humorous.

The music in the movie was a mix of R&B pop and semi-orchestral mood music.  The orchestral pieces were forgettable enough that I rarely noticed their presence, and the poppish dreck set my teeth on edge.

On the other hand, Boo sat still through the entire movie, and laughed at a lot of the sight gags and fish-out-of-water jokes.  The little girls sitting behind us were laughing out loud throughout the movie, as was their mother.  Irish Woman thought the movie was at least worth the cost of admission.

So, maybe I’m not the target demographic.

It’s a cute movie, but it just didn’t appeal to me.  If you have small children, they will probably enjoy it.

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