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Thoughts on the Day

I saw the USS Enterprise today. It’s kind of sad to see it being disassembled.
If I’m going to do more work with the Navy, I’m going to need to learn a few words in Tagalog.
The Navy is flying the The First Navy Jack on its ships now. I did not know that.
P-3’s are certainly nimble aircraft. I got to watch a couple of them doing touch and go’s and then turning on their wings for a couple of hours.


  1. bikergranny2

     /  April 20, 2013

    My brother served a bit on the Enterprise during Viet Nam. Brought back lots of memories, good & not so good.


  2. Hindi ako mabuti mag salita sa inyong wika (I may have messed it more than a tad, spelling and otherwise, but it translates roughly to “I don’t speak your language very well.”)

    (Married to a Pinay)


  3. DB, ALL Navy ships are (and have been for a LONG time) authorized to fly the Navy Jack. The Kitty Hawk used it as her official symbol!


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