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Thoughts on the Day

My flight this morning included several small children all amped up on sugar and caffeine, a puppy in a carry-on, and a newborn in a foul mood. Yeah, that’s a trifecta of suck.
Far be it for me to compliment the Navy, but at least when they travel on an airline, they wear a dress uniform. I just can’t get used to soldiers traveling in camouflage.
That being said, what’s up with the blue digital camouflage fatigues?  Are they trying to blend in with the ocean while they’re on those big gray ships?  Are they making ‘Man Overboard’ drills more challenging?
The worst threats to OPSEC nowadays appear to be scanners and Facebook. I hope the fugitives in Boston don’t have a smart phone.
I forgot how pleasant a Virginia accent can be.

1 Comment

  1. Yeah, the ‘had’ to have their own digicam… Gives a whole NEW challenge to man overboard drills…

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