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I swear this is what I had waiting for me when I got home tonight

Maybe she wasn’t playing bongos, but Koshka has had that “Sometimes I kiss face, sometimes I bite face!” look in her eyes all night.  You know that look a cat gets when her eyes glow red in dim light, just before she starts climbing the curtains and using them as an ambush position?  Yeah, that’s how my evening has been going.


Picture shamelessly stolen from Icanhascheezburger, the place that fulfills all your needs for pictures of psychotic and cute animals.

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  1. I think I’m glad my cats are all, well, mutts. They’re devious, but they aren’t cruel about it. 😉 Usually.


    • She’s not cruel, she’s insane.
      Annya, on the other hand, is our depressive cat.
      Timmy, well, he just ain’t right.


  2. Siamese aren’t cruel. They’re Siamese – a class all by it own weird little self, that the merely cruel don’t want to associate with any more than the Siamese would deign to acknowledge them.

    Siamese can be friendly, affectionate, and possessive. (Can be? That’s like saying they can be cruel.) Especially on a waterbed with satin sheets that give their claws not enough purchase to keep from sliding off. At 3am. Determinedly.

    Dogs may love you, but cats make you smile fondly at the scars they left.


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