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    Join the NRA!

Come on down!

Seriously, Remington and Colt, if you’re finally fed up with paying taxes and taking heat from the governments of the northeastern states, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be hard to get support from Kentucky Governor Beshear for you to set up shop in the Bluegrass.

Here’s the DaddyBear incentive package

  • Homemade banana bread for your staff meetings for a month.
  • Free access to a blogger who loves to test guns, especially ones that make a big bang.
  • Weekend tours of bourbon distilleries, along with tastings.
  • An escort to the semi-annual machine gun shoots at Knob Creek.  You know that walking around with a tee-shirt that says “I brought gun jobs to Kentucky” will make you popular with that crowd.
  • Free access to a blogger who loves to test guns, especially ones that shoot bullets.
  • Unlimited access to two lazy hound dogs and a psychotic Siamese for when you just need something to pet.
  • Occasional lunches at one of the many barbecue restaurants that are liberally sprinkled across the state.
  • Did I mention that there might be a blogger in Kentucky who really likes to test guns?

I will await y’all’s decision.  Contact info is on the right!


  1. Old NFO

     /  August 28, 2012

    LOL, cheater… 🙂


  2. derfreiheit

     /  August 28, 2012

    Dude, Remington does have gun jobs in Kentucky. They’re hiring now actually: http://www.remington.com/employment.aspx

    They are also good supporters of the Elizabethtown Friends of the NRA


    • You know, I knew they had a plant down that way. Just totally escaped my mind. Thanks!

      And how hard would it be for a company with a pre-existing presence to just expand operations? My guess would be “about as hard as falling off a log”.


  3. I would think the problem for you would come in returning the wares you have so giddily tested.


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