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New Animal Names

Scientists recently named a newly found marine crustacean for singer Bob Marley.  Gnathus marleyi is found in the Caribbean, so the choice of Marley seems appropriate.  Naming a species after someone could be a way to honor them, or it can be a way to describe the organism using the reputation of the person.  For example, President Obama’s name has been used to name a species of lichen.

Here are some ideas I have for naming animals or plants after people I’ve met on-line:

  • Panthera Renaissancei – A species of South African lion with wide ranging interests and skills.
  • Alopex Wingwhimia – An arctic fox known for migrating south in small yellow conveyances.
  • Crocuta Ragei – A strong animal which laughs a lot, but has a wicked temper if provoked.
  • Anas Weerdii – A duck native to the northeastern United States.  A loyal companion who is known to be wicked smart.
  • Rattus Laboratoria – A native of the American Southwest, this rodent is known for doing impeccable research, creating extremely interesting articles on a wide range of topics, and making grown men cry when she demonstrates their ignorance.
  • Erethizon Auntii – A woodland creature that normally keeps to herself, but becomes quite pointy and pugnacious if her young are threatened.
  • Falco Brigidii – A sub-species of red-tailed hawk, this species writes wonderful missives about life, cooking, and dogs.
  • Saguninus Slickii – A species known to flay the souls of the unwise with the aid of the contents of its snark bladder.  This species occasionally migrates, but it travels light.  In fact, it has been remarked that it hauls nothing but ass.
  • Cebus Robertax – A highly intelligent primate, known for a fascination with old pieces of technology.
  • Diomedia Anciens – This aquatic species is known to range around the world before returning to its home exhausted.
  • Canus Patruus – This species, native to the American Southeast, is known for gathering together nuggets of information for  the use of others, but really, he ain’t nothing but a hound dog.
  • Macropus Julii – A species of Australian wildlife that enjoys cooking with her young, sleeping out in the bush, and introducing others to her pastimes.

As for myself, I’d like to be memorialized with Ursus Daddyi, a bear who loses quite a bit of its fur as it ages, raises a good number of cubs, and is known to migrate from time to time in search of new food.

Feel free to come up with your own candidates in comments.

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  1. “Panthera Renaissancei”? I like it . . . but would a marriage between a Panthera and an “Alopex Wingwhimia” be feasible in nature? Hmmm . . . I must consult my ‘Arctic Fox-y’ better half!


  2. Hah! I love it! “Woodland creatures are a lovely thing to be compared to….”

  3. I’d recommend “Ursus Padreus” – a solid omnivore, content unless provoked. Do not taunt the happy fun Ursus Padreus…

    BTW, thanks. I’m honored!

  4. As a New Mexican rodent, the odds are also pretty strong that I carry hantavirus and/or plague.

  5. Hey, I resemble those remarks!

    Thanks dude!

  6. Nicely done Sir! 🙂

  7. ROFL … thanks DB .. love it 🙂

  8. Just remember, folks – there is NO legal hunting season for arctic fox south of the mason dixon! Get those hound back in the kennel, and I don’t care how spiffy you look on those horses, we’re not playing this game until it’s ten below, or I have a head start in my small yellow conveyance… and if that doesn’t deter you, I not only have a PMR-30 and know how to use it, I have a Panthera Rennaisancei who believes in preemptive retribution!

  9. Canus Cluemetricus: Semi-retired Sheepdog, given to geekistry.

    Ursus Patris: Semi-retired Sheepdog… Hey, wait a minute!

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