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News Roundup

  • From the “Wurst That Could Happen” Department – A truck in Germany crashed recently, spilling its load of mustard and vinegar onto the roadway.  The results are reported to be very odiferous.  In related news, a Swedish company is in hot water after a rather…. suggestive advertisement for its sausage, featuring a woman’s lips wrapped around a sausage, caused an uproar.  Between the two of them, I suddenly have a rather urgent craving for a hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut.  Hey, sex sells, and I happen to think that good German mustard smells wonderful.
  • From the “Bad Idea” Department – A man in Florida was arrested recently when he took his gun out of his pocket, put it on the counter at Walmart, demanded bullets, and threatened a police officer who was summoned to the store.  Reports are that he was drinking in the parking lot before going into the store and that he does not have a concealed carry license.  Wow, that’s a lot going on in one man’s afternoon.  Guys, our cause is just, but the anti-gunners aren’t the only ones with bad apples.
  • From the “Big Brass Ones” Department – A convenience store clerk recently won the “DaddyBear Annual Mal Hombre Award” when she told a woman who was trying to rob her store to get back in line and wait her turn.  I wonder if she gave her the death stare too?   The miscreant appears to have fled when the clerk called the police, but I’m pretty sure she won’t be messing with this particular store in the future.
  • From the “Bad Things” Department – The leaders of several British banks will be lucky if all that happens to them is that they are sacked over a scandal involving a key interest rate.  They are accused of falsifying data used to set the LIBOR rate, which has a tremendous amount of influence on business around the globe.  I say they’d be lucky to be sacked, because if the economy nose dives because of their alleged behavior, I’m pretty sure that torches and pitchforks won’t be far off.  By the by, Coffee and Markets had an excellent episode discussing LIBOR and this scandal the other day.
  • From the “Go Fast, Turn Left” Department – A woman in Michigan is accused of dressing up the corpse of her housemate and propping him up to watch NASCAR with her.  Having sat through a few NASCAR races on television, I can say that being embalmed helps.  Whiskey is an embalming fluid, right?
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  1. So, last night, I was at our local Walmart to make an exchange. When I got back in line with the item I wanted instead of what I’d bought (duh), the *cough* gentleman (and I use that term loosely) in front of me was trying to leave an un-postmarked package at the service desk, in the hopes that they would send it out when the UPS guy next came to the store.


    Customer service manager on duty said no.

    Good for him.

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