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Blogs Roundup


  • Jay has found something that warms my cold, dead, nerd heart.  It’s also what I want for Father’s Day.
  • Jay also had a great day at the range, doing something that all fathers should.
  • BRM has been put out four books in a year, and is getting decent sales.  Congratulations to him!  Just goes to show that hard work pays off.
  • NFO issues all of us a first class ticket on the feels train.  All aboard!
  • Heroditus Huxley is having the same issue I have always had with buying clothes for a young girl:  how to avoid the prostitot look.
  • Nate Hale gives us the best rundown on the debacle that is Veteran’s Affairs and it’s current manager, Eric Shinseki.
  • LTColP over at OpFor gives an AAR for the shotgun class he attended recently, with some good tips and advice from Tom Givens.
  • The FireArm Blog has the straight skinny on Remington moving production of several of its product lines to Alabama.
  • Massad Ayoob verbalizes what I love about small-town America, whether it be in the South, North, East, or West:  community.
  • BRM points us to one of the bright spots of my youth.

Blogs Roundup

  • LawDog shows why amateur pharmaceutical chemists probably shouldn’t be trusted with cleaning supplies.
  • Heroditus Huxley hits the nail on the head.  My guns are better for me, but that doesn’t mean that they’re better than yours.
  • Auntie J brings the feels, yet again.  This reminds me of the evening where Little Bear, Girlie Bear, and Irish Woman spent hours deciding what she should be called after our wedding.  They settled on “Second Hand Mom”.
  • LabRat reminds me why I don’t watch much television anymore.  Unfortunately, the trashy commercials aren’t confined to the wee hours of the morning anymore.
  • Kenn Blanchard has put out a long list of great gun writers.  Somehow, I got on there.  Must be a typo.
  • Barron shows the struggles of trying to replace a defective electronic safe lock.  Stories like this are why I shy away from depending on much of anything with a hard-to-replace, easy-to-forget battery.
  • AD has some good suggestions on how to make sure that you can be found when you need help.  Sending someone down to the street to wave in the ambulance probably isn’t a bad idea if it’s possible, too.
  • Captain Tightpants articulates something where I think a lot of us find it difficult to find words:  the best counselor is someone who has walked down similar paths.
  • Finally, I’d like to pass on my families condolences to Brigid and her family.  Her brother lost his fight with cancer on Good Friday, and she has eulogized him in her usual excellent fashion.  We have been keeping all of them in our thoughts and prayers. If you’re of the praying sort, could you throw in a word for them too?








Blogs Roundup

  • BRM is trying to locate .22LR ammunition for a training class he’s doing.  If anyone can point him in the right direction, please do.
  • BRM has also done some thinking about doing self-defense on a budget, and discusses using .22LR firearms for defensive use.  My thought is that it’s better than relying on harsh language and the tender mercies of an assailant, and nobody likes to leak.  If it’s all you can get, then get it until you can get something better.
  • Weerd discusses the assertions of someone who seems to want everyone to learn martial arts, fight like a man, and run away whenever possible.  I can see this guy’s points, but my self-defense philosophy is more “All of the Above”, where a gun is part of that mix.
  • OldNFO and BRM always seem to come away with the best toys.
  • An Ordinary American does a better job than I could when talking about the uprising in Ukraine.
  • H/T to Freiheit on this.  If you have ever raised a child, this new blog will tickle your funny bone.
  • Everyone seems to be coming out with books.  Marko, The Munchkin Wrangler, has come out with the second book in his series.  BRM has produced the third book in his Maxwell saga.  And OldNFO is very close to pulling the trigger on his first novel.  Get yourself to your monger of dead books or digital literature!






Blogs Roundup

  • BlackFive, Michael Z. Williamson, and The Rhino Den all have excellent ripostes to the lieutenant-colonel who decided to spout off about his opinions on guns and the Second Amendment.  Apparently this miscreant fugitive from a cigarette butt pick-up detail has doubled down and is insulting veterans who call him out in comments.  It’s amazing how much crap floats to the top, or at least to middle management, sometimes.
  • The author of Vexarr has obviously worked with engineers before.
  • OldNFO discusses how the situation in the multi-national dispute over some rocks that happen to be over oil and gas deposits in the western Pacific is heating up, and not in a “tropical beach and redhead in a bikini” way.  It’s more in the “buy stock in defense industries” kind of way.  He also gives us a good scenario where the rhetoric could lead to a repeat of KAL007.
  • Thomas Ricks over at Foreign Policy has an excellent idea:  give the Army back responsibility for close air support using fixed wing aircraft.  For those of you who aren’t military geeks, the Army is, by law, forbidden from putting weapons on airplanes, which explains the fascination in the past five decades with attack helicopters.  Doing this would put some priority on systems like the A-10, which the Air Force recently announced is going to be retired.  To put that in perspective, when I was on the airplane to basic training in 1989, the news magazine I got from the flight attendant had an article about how the Air Force was trying to get rid of the A-10 so that pilots could fly those sexy F-16’s.  So, as you can see, this is something that’s been tried and tried again for decades.  It’s time to give air support back to the people who actually use it.
  • The Firearm Blog reports on an excellent idea – have a military unit host a shoot where participants get to fire a duty rifle and machine gun.  The Estonians are using the proceeds from the annual event to fund a charity, and I’m sure that some of the charities that serve wounded veterans would welcome the new influx of cash.
  • Joe has an excellent thought.

Blogs Roundup

  • Tam brings us a cautionary tale for those of us who have firearms to defend hearth and home.  Remember kids, every action you take before, during, and after a shooting is going to be folded, spindled, and mutilated by law enforcement and opposing counsel.  Take time now to figure out the ‘correct’ thing to do for your most likely contingencies.
  • Kathy Jackson gives us some ways to try to sort the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to firearms, accessories, and training.  My only addition to her list of red flags is to beware of companies and people who badmouth their competition and become defensive when you ask the “Why” questions.
  • John Richardson suggests that, while demand for firearms is leveling off a bit, the new normal for that demand is probably going to stay high for quite some time.  Manufacturers are starting to catch up on orders.  If only the ammunition manufacturers could do the same with .22.
  • The Big Guy is having another adventure in the Motherland.  Some of his stories bring back not-so-fond memories.

Blogs Roundup

  • Wing has invented a new sport.  I must try it.  She also has marvelous insight into the feline soul.
  • RainDogBlue reminds us that those who stand facing out from the firelight sometimes don’t make it back, and they leave behind those who deserve our support.
  • Jennifer takes a special snowflake to task for expecting the rest of the world to bend to her will.
  • AD had a bad day at the airport.  This is why my range bag is my range bag, my travel bag is my travel bag, and never the twain shall meet.
  • BRM has some bad news about unemployment.  In short – we’re boned.
  • Brigid takes us down memory lane, and reminds me why I prefer old movies and cartoons to new.
  • The RhinoDen gives us an excellent story of brotherhood.
  • You know, if they would just use honest debate and marketing, instead of crap like this, I’d have a lot more respect for the anti-rights crowd.

Riffing on Podcasts

It’s been a while since I did one of these, so here goes.

  • In his latest episode of Common Sense, Dan Carlin marvels at the grass-roots effort to convince Congress to not support the President’s plans to strike Syria.  He mentions that he can’t remember an event like that in recent history,  but I have to disagree.  Just this past spring, gun rights supporters made their voice heard loud and clear, and they did it mostly through the power of emails, letters, phone calls, and visits to offices.
  • In the 9/21 episode of Dark Secret Place, Bryan suits has good advice on the mindset to have when gathering in large places where a lot of people are to be had, such as malls, in light of the attack in Nairobi.  In the 9/28 episode, he does an excellent job dressing down a cartoonist who used an image of a suicide bomber to criticize the Tea Party.
  • Mike Duncan is back with another excellent history podcast series, Revolutions.  If you liked his History of Rome series, then you should like this one.


Blogs Roundup

  •  With a H/T to DrangThis is a touching story of a young woman who has escaped a horrible situation, and the comments have a good discussion of how women are treated in the Islamic world.
  • Robb does an excellent job concentrating the entire gunnie internet down into a few cogent remarks.
  • Michael Z. Williamson gives a good lesson on how to act, especially in environments that are supposed to be open and friendly.
  • Borepatch compares today’s cultural and political mess with how Europe looked during the Reformation.  I can only hope we can find a solution to our problems without getting as soaked in blood as our Catholic and Protestant forebears.
  • BRM has a new book out, and I heartily recommend it.  I can’t wait for further installments.
  • Brigid gives us yet another example of how she is one of the better writers out there.
  • Auntie J. brought a smile to this old curmudgeon’s face with good memories of the first time Little Bear called me “Daddy”.
  • Massad Ayoob is putting out an excellent series about the Zimmerman-Martin case from his expert perspective.
  • Weer’d strikes gold, not once, but twice!

Missed One

I missed a post on my Blogs Roundup yesterday.


Jennifer is holding a raffle to benefit Squeaky, who needs a bit of help in financing some medical procedures.  Squeaky is a wonderful lady,  and deserves anything we can do for her.  Of course, it goes without saying that Jennifer is awesome, and not only for helping out a friend.  If you’re of a mind and have a couple extra dollars to give, please consider doing some good with them.

Blogs Roundup

  • Jennifer reminds us to always have our antennae up.
  • Brigid has a good story about how being watchful and prepared is not the same as being paranoid.
  • Brigid also points us to a good woman who needs a hand in a good cause.
  • Carteach shows us how to deal with shortages – be creative.
  • It looks like I missed a great weekend.
  • Larry Correia and other authors are supporting a great effort to bring a little entertainment to the lives of servicemembers.


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