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Blogs Roundup

  • BlackFive, Michael Z. Williamson, and The Rhino Den all have excellent ripostes to the lieutenant-colonel who decided to spout off about his opinions on guns and the Second Amendment.  Apparently this miscreant fugitive from a cigarette butt pick-up detail has doubled down and is insulting veterans who call him out in comments.  It’s amazing how much crap floats to the top, or at least to middle management, sometimes.
  • The author of Vexarr has obviously worked with engineers before.
  • OldNFO discusses how the situation in the multi-national dispute over some rocks that happen to be over oil and gas deposits in the western Pacific is heating up, and not in a “tropical beach and redhead in a bikini” way.  It’s more in the “buy stock in defense industries” kind of way.  He also gives us a good scenario where the rhetoric could lead to a repeat of KAL007.
  • Thomas Ricks over at Foreign Policy has an excellent idea:  give the Army back responsibility for close air support using fixed wing aircraft.  For those of you who aren’t military geeks, the Army is, by law, forbidden from putting weapons on airplanes, which explains the fascination in the past five decades with attack helicopters.  Doing this would put some priority on systems like the A-10, which the Air Force recently announced is going to be retired.  To put that in perspective, when I was on the airplane to basic training in 1989, the news magazine I got from the flight attendant had an article about how the Air Force was trying to get rid of the A-10 so that pilots could fly those sexy F-16’s.  So, as you can see, this is something that’s been tried and tried again for decades.  It’s time to give air support back to the people who actually use it.
  • The Firearm Blog reports on an excellent idea – have a military unit host a shoot where participants get to fire a duty rifle and machine gun.  The Estonians are using the proceeds from the annual event to fund a charity, and I’m sure that some of the charities that serve wounded veterans would welcome the new influx of cash.
  • Joe has an excellent thought.
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  1. Thanks for the link, and re the shoots, I’d say go for it, just don’t give the money to WWP, since they don’t like guns…


  2. I, for one, am in favor of anything that keeps the Avenger Cannon flying.


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