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  • Note to self – Never trust a labrador retriever with cranberry nut bread on his breath.
    • Corollary – Always buy twice as much seasonal baking supplies as you think you will need.
  • Note to self – Never try to do business with the bank where you set a very hard to remember password before you’ve had at least one pot of coffee.
  • Note to self – When you find yourself failing the “Prove you’re not a robot by clicking on pictures” test for 10 minutes, it’s time for another pot of coffee.
  • Note to self – Shutting off the main water supply valve to the house was probably overkill when replacing the water filter on the “Oh my god, how much did they spend on that?” refrigerator, but it was a heck of a lot easier than trying to move said appliance and find the one right next to the fool thing.
  • Mathematical and Budgetary Grumblings:
    • The new filter is good for 300 gallons.
    • A gallon of water weighs about 10 pounds, or 160 ounces.
    • There are 20 8-ounce glasses of water in a gallon.
    • 20 glasses of water per gallon times 300 gallons equals 6000 glasses of cold, refreshing, filtered water for your son and wife who can no longer drink water straight from the tap for some reason.
    • At $33 per filter, that comes to about half a cent of additional cost per glass of water.
      • That, of course, assumes that my time to purchase and replace filters is worth nothing.
    • If I had asked to spend half a penny every time I needed to wet my whistle as a child, I would have been smacked upside the head until I got my mind right and went outside to drink from the hose.
  • Catching the fencing contractor relieving himself in the neighbor’s tree line makes for some laughter on the job site after the Irish Woman admonishes him.
    • Having the neighbor catch said contractor in the tree line leads to DaddyBear baking some treats and a visit to the neighbor’s back porch.
  • Moonshine and Derby love the new fenced in back yard.  The other dogs in the neighborhood, who are smart enough to be allowed to go out into their own backyards to read the newspaper without triggering a canine Amber Alert, came over to investigate the new thing and new dogs.  A good time was had by all, and the new furry friends all went home after ‘marking’ the new fence several times.
    • Poor Moonshine then spent the better part of the the morning recycling bowl water to reclaim his fence.
  • You know, after 20 years as a couple, you’d think my wife would know the answer before asking “Honey, would you have a problem having bears close to our cabin?”.
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  1. We installed a whole-house water filter on the incoming line. $8-$12 every 3 months for a new filter, and every drop of cold water in the kitchen is filtered. (Given that our local water source, a not-very-deep lake, turns over in temperature extremes, bringing all the muck and duck doo-doo to the surface, you’ll understand that a whole-house filter counts as a VERY. GOOD. IDEA.)

    As for bears close to the cabin, aren’t you missing an opportunity? That’s where I’d be saying, “Well, dear, if they’re a possibility, then I need a new gun or two to take care of any threat to you and the kids.”



    • We’ve considered that, but we’d also have to put in a water conditioner. The water hereabouts is quite hard


  2. Old NFO

     /  December 9, 2020

    Ah yes, ye olde bladder with hair issue… I ‘must’ mark EVERYTHING that any other dog has marked… LOL


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