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  • Irish Woman was delighted this morning when I called her my angel.  The context was ‘angel of death’, but she takes what she can get.
  • It occurs to me that the large number of people who treat politics as a blood sport are about to find out what blood tastes like.
  • Folks who do shady stuff in the dead of the night need to remember that there are cameras everywhere and the Internet is forever.
  • There’s nothing like starting a new project that requires expert knowledge and years of experience at your shiny new job, but you’re still at the ‘My blocks won’t stay on top of each other when I throw my juice box at them!’ level of expertise.
  • I am learning to take non-verbal queues quite well.  For instance, when the dude in charge of the crew installing our new fence looked me in the eye, and said, “Thanks, but we’re good.  Don’t worry about lunch or coffee or anything like that.” I correctly understood that to mean “No, really, we just want to get this job done and get out of the cold.  Go away, please.”
  • The life of a mammal is hard around  here.  Why, just today, Moonshine had to decide whether to lay on the carpet in the living room and watch the guys work in the back yard on his new enclosed toilet, or to lay on the carpet in my office and watch me make money so I could buy his dog food.
  • DaddyBear’s “Summon Cold and Wet Weather Spell” – purchase the components for an outdoor fireplace, light exactly one fire in it, then watch the sleet roll in.
  • The yearly ‘disagreement’ over what to get each other for Christmas has begun.  Normally, I default to getting Irish Woman jewelry, and she buys me ammunition.  Unfortunately, the price of lead and copper is approaching the low end of jewels and silver, so I’ve ruled that out. 
    • I will point out that there have been no protestations from her that would preclude me from acquiring more ‘twinkle’, as she calls it, to adorn my beloved wife.
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  1. Get her one of those nice, Retro 51 rollerball pens for checks and stuff. I’ve read really, really good things about the writing experience and reliability on those, and there are some really pretty ones available.


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